Winter, "Now is the time of fresh starts"

β€œNow is the time of fresh starts.This is the season that makes everything new…you need December before you can see that a landscape of new fallen snow is THE REAL YOU.December has the clarity, the simplicity, and the silence you need for the best FRESH START of your life.”― Vivian Swift “And when old Winter putsContinue reading “Winter, "Now is the time of fresh starts"”

Cheer for the day

As the days grow shorter (if they haven’t already where you are), it can sometimes be challenging to keep one’s cheer, one’s joie de vivre, one’s joy for living. Moreover, one’s get up and go, seems to have got up and went. It becomes that nostalgic time when – lounging in fuzzy slippers becomes aContinue reading “Cheer for the day”

“Things could still be new if you were willing to believe they still mattered.”

Here in the, sort of, North West, winter has come. It is just a few flakes for now which began yesterday but, you know what is coming. I enjoy the fall and there is still the beauty of the fallen leaves to look at. In the fallen carpet of shades of brown, I do notContinue reading ““Things could still be new if you were willing to believe they still mattered.””

W-h-a-t happened to fall!! πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚

Oh my gosh! I was flabbergasted beyond astonishment over the weekend when I saw some white fluffy pebbly stuff on one of the cars in the parking lot where I went shopping. I thought to myself -what is that!! I lost my mind for a minute -not only did I mentally pretend to forget whatContinue reading “W-h-a-t happened to fall!! πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚”