Scarlet Ibis – A Poem

In flourishing red plumage a nation’s image; Scarlet ibis, winged icon, a nation’s heritage: Where spinach leaves cook-up rice with okra Steam, ripe breadfruit roasted in coal embers. Outside fire pits tend boiling corn in thyme, Like calypso tunes spinning in spicy rhyme. Coconut water vendors serve up sweet treats, As passersby sheltering October rains,Continue reading “Scarlet Ibis – A Poem”

Dancing Home – A Caribbean Style Poem

Ocean grey skies clouded noon day, Typical tropical rains on their way. Bus a lime by the corner with you, (bus a lime – to hang out with friends) Here comes the downpour doo doo. (doo doo or doux doux – my dear, darling) Pelting rain trow mango with a splash, (trow – throw, toss)Continue reading “Dancing Home – A Caribbean Style Poem”