Inner Silence – A Poem

Inner silence, flowing peace aquifer Its syntax, drops of primordial water, Bubbling hieroglyphs within each soul Translated by its own Rosetta stone. They are Eden’s waters, still quenching, Refreshing, rebooting life’s frame and form. (For, we did not leave that Garden empty-handed, you know), Its antediluvian springs, a cloak – Its hem, dripping life-sustaining waterContinue reading “Inner Silence – A Poem”

Monday Reflection – The beauty of Water

“In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans; in one aspect of You are found all the aspects of existence.”― Kahlil Gibran Jr. “It is life, I think, to watch the water. A man can learn so many things.”― Nicholas Sparks “Human nature is like water. It takes the shape ofContinue reading “Monday Reflection – The beauty of Water”

Coffee Break Time

It is Tuesday and the cares of the week may already be heavy. You find yourself already thinking, “Is it Friday yet?” Some thoughts for refreshments, if you so choose. “It’s very refreshing to go away and take a break, to clear your head, and just get into something else.”- Francois Nars “A drop ofContinue reading “Coffee Break Time”