Twittering Tales #162 – 12 November 2019

Feature Film “Why are we holding up our empty hands and smiling- I thought this was a feature film gig?” “Not to worry, the rest is digital” said Sarah. What’s up Sarah?” they asked. “Okay” she said, “It’s an ad for the new speech emoji’s- The feature film thing didn’t pan out” Total characters: 280Continue reading “Twittering Tales #162 – 12 November 2019”

Twittering Tales #161 – 5 November 2019

Luxury Lofts – Coming Soon His grandfather labored here Steel forge – Now soon to be lofts. He purchased the last unit today. As he spread his arms to receive the sun’s light, he could swear he heard the soft-spoken voice of his grandpa say, “Grandpa is still proud of you little one.” Total characters:Continue reading “Twittering Tales #161 – 5 November 2019”

Twittering Tales #160 – 29 October 2019

A testimony to lifeThese pale stone tablets record individual lives lived.Lives whose sacrifices taught us love and wisdomThese stones are both, a symbol of their entry into eternal lifeand, a living testament to their wisdom and their love which will live in our hearts, forever. Total characters: 280 In response to: Kat Myrman weekly photoContinue reading “Twittering Tales #160 – 29 October 2019”

Twittering Tales–#159 22 October, 2019

Urgent Podcast PrepTime is ticking down – 6 minutes to review and rehearse my questions before the big podcast interview at noon. No time to waste. Gotta turn off the laptop and go old school with pen and paper, “I edit faster this way.”  Well, no time to waste – on with the show. TotalContinue reading “Twittering Tales–#159 22 October, 2019”

Twittering Tales #158 – 15 October, 2019

Everyday is a fresh startI wake up say a prayer and hustleOnly minutes to savor freshly brewed classic Italian coffee. Then, as we each rush to our car, I think to myself, “we rarely enjoy the little things latelyHow great life would be if we lived a little bit of it everyday?” Total characters: 280Continue reading “Twittering Tales #158 – 15 October, 2019”

Twittering Tales #157 – 8 October, 2019

A lens to the heavens The observatory, a beacon to the search for visitors. But, we are visitors, too. The earth is our temporary home. The shiny island dome, a working human monument exploring the Divine canvas created by –the Author of all life. In Whom we are all truly “at home” Total characters: 280PhotoContinue reading “Twittering Tales #157 – 8 October, 2019”

Twittering Tales #156 – 1 October, 2019

The other side No time for photo opportunity today. I just want to get to the other side–To my special summer place. There, the cool waters bear plenty of salmon at this time of day. I pause, give a respectful glance, get my bearings, then tip toe around, to the other side. Total characters: 277Continue reading “Twittering Tales #156 – 1 October, 2019”