Perfume – A short story

Athalena had returned recently to live in her home town after decades away in California. She planned to stay only if her new job worked out. Since her stay may be temporary, Athalena decided to rent a small room in a house near her new job for now. Athalena’s attempts to fall asleep on mostContinue reading “Perfume – A short story”

Can I get a witness? – A short tale

Sasha chose a new route home that late afternoon because the holiday rush made her normal trek around the Mall no longer prudent. Her Manager allowed everyone to leave one hour early due to the holiday season. Sasha was happy for this unexpected chunk of free time. She planned to go home and get someContinue reading “Can I get a witness? – A short tale”

Glasong – A short tale

It was mid-day and the sun was blisteringly hot – one could cook an egg on the pavement without utensils. Glasong wanted to chance it. She had made her plan for exit. She had gathered her belongings – her various trays. She had prepared her exit strategy – she was going to hitch a rideContinue reading “Glasong – A short tale”