Bell Peppers – A Poem in a story

The deluge stuck heavy to his back like Atlas shouldering the sky. Whatever Herculean efforts required, he had to make it to the top of the hill today. His recurring dream was unrelenting. The rumors of her century of expertise was comforting. He knew she would be waiting. With his rain-drenched clothing clinging like milkContinue reading “Bell Peppers – A Poem in a story”

Perfume – A short story

Athalena had returned recently to live in her home town after decades away in California. She planned to stay only if her new job worked out. Since her stay may be temporary, Athalena decided to rent a small room in a house near her new job for now. Athalena’s attempts to fall asleep on mostContinue reading “Perfume – A short story”

The cockroach and coffee- a short tale

The coffee pot is dripping gleefully as the sounds and smells of fresh brewed coffee meander from the kitchen to her living room. The ‘night’ outside disguises the truth – it is 7 o’clock in the morning. The sun has been absent visibly for days. Shantoozie’s only brightness in these dull days of night (akaContinue reading “The cockroach and coffee- a short tale”