The Mattress – A Poem

In the middle of the day; a mattress appears on the highway. Stunned drivers slow down to peer at the upholstered delay, The local radio station alerts travelers that lane to stay away, Traffic comes to a crawl briefly until the item is cleared away. The following day, the radio station airs its regular call-inContinue reading “The Mattress – A Poem”

Migration – A Poem

The four winds tickling the sky at the equatorial tropics Whisk wind socks like swizzle sticks stirring polar artics, Wrapsickling the northern sphere in autumn semantics. Sensing in their DNA the call of the bones of their ancestry, Migratory birds glide in the updrafts of inherited history, Leaving the unbound Phoenix of their future; their chicksContinue reading “Migration – A Poem”

Home Delivery – A Poem

Four a.m when early morning is still in house slippers, And Dawn readies her diamond dew drop sparklers. Large flashing lights glow like incandescent sunrise, Flooding windows and patios in disco ball surprise. A chorus of patio doors unsheathe in musical ensemble As onlookers creep from sleep to witness the spectacle. An entire pre-fab houseContinue reading “Home Delivery – A Poem”

Journeys – A Poem

Some journeys lead us to our selves: Packing Samsonite in nostalgia, Stamping passport memorabilia, Staycation’s globetrotting avatar Plans trips, in invisible ink, where: The Matterhorn chairlifts Whistler, Hilting Excalibur in Snowdonia, Seating sofa safaris to Luangwa  Stirring spicy crawfish jambalaya, Mining sapphire in big sky Montana Fly-fishing souvenirs to Vancouver. Imagination’s vision quest walker Globes theContinue reading “Journeys – A Poem”

Stones to the Sea II – A Poem

Stones to the Sea (part 1) – Link here Seahorses of Troy hide in ocean foam cover, Painting white the lighthouse of Alexandria, Erecting it as beacon lingua of Babel’s tower. Nag Hammadi papyrus shovels uncover the Ark, Molding rainbow colored sandcastles to Ararat. Currents floating in Cedars of Lebanon jetsam, Scaffold Colossus into RomulusContinue reading “Stones to the Sea II – A Poem”

Essence – A Poem

Summer’s essence leaves its notes to Fall’s subtle perfume, Steaming pots of spikenard scent the autumn new moon. Swirling, cooled northerly winds; nature’s street sweeper Loofah the tundra with vigor, scraping summer’s aroma; Exchanging it for horned baskets in scented stomata, For pumpkin spiced lattes, hot apple cider or, a cuppa. And, roaming the sidewalksContinue reading “Essence – A Poem”