This divine – human experience called Life

As many people as there are in this world; there are beautiful ideas, marvelous places, and astounding things to Explore. Keep on exploring. Somewhere in that exploration You will meet yourself- a thousand times over. May you love or, begin to love deeply, the You you find there, as You continue to Explore being you,Continue reading “This divine – human experience called Life”

Sacred Completion

The end of one thing, a sacred completion. A brief time of rest and reflection. A remarkable new path follows. You feel propelled as if on the wings of divine aid; Guiding you from a sacred mountain. An unexpected blessing Not what you imagined, Far better, absolutely divine. A sacred gift. Not deserved– But endowed,Continue reading “Sacred Completion”

A weekend Retreat

A weekend evening’s enjoyment, Recreation for fun, leisure and release, Transposes weary thoughts into the quietude of refreshment. A weekly pause overflows into reclining rest, Refreshment of mind, spirit and body– Fuel for the soul. A pleasant diversion from a week of adventure. All these made possible beautifully by A retreat into the spectacular worldsContinue reading “A weekend Retreat”

You are valuable

You are valuable. You are wrapped in the same fabric of life as everyone else. When God breathed life into you; It was the same breath he breathed into everyone else. Your value is not measured by: Someone else’s success, Someone else’s opinion, or Someone else’s definitions. You are a rock star all by yourself!Continue reading “You are valuable”

Dancing like waves on the shore

A week end in sight As the ebb of the day recedes. You, excited Your spirit dancing like waves on the shore. You feel it. The trade-winds of change you long for are close. You can sense the shift in your course. This week has been an ocean of possibilities into your truth charting aContinue reading “Dancing like waves on the shore”

The veil between

The sacred veil between the night and the dawn, to some, a rehearsal of Samhain. To others, ancient memories of the veil of holy separation Where they worshiped but could not enter His presence, Only one was allowed to pass through The veil on their behalf. At night there were kept warm through no sticksContinue reading “The veil between”


As the evening canopy swells to become the dreamy clouds of night; Consider the sacred moments of this day, Dwell peacefully under the cover of night, Enter into the protection of the living Word, For, “He gives his beloved sleep.” **************** As you know, alpha wave sound is believed to facilitate sleep. And, beta wavesContinue reading “Alpha-beta”

Twittering Tales #160 – 29 October 2019

A testimony to lifeThese pale stone tablets record individual lives lived.Lives whose sacrifices taught us love and wisdomThese stones are both, a symbol of their entry into eternal lifeand, a living testament to their wisdom and their love which will live in our hearts, forever. Total characters: 280 In response to: Kat Myrman weekly photoContinue reading “Twittering Tales #160 – 29 October 2019”