Ode to Spring – A poem

Tulips with rosy faces in gardens blush – Their petals color the landscape like nature’s paintbrush. Thundering Spring clouds, herald the ancient call to till the rows – As farmers pray for ploughs And for rain from heaven’s windows. As if in response, sudden Spring showers, water brooks and streams and flowers. All nature standContinue reading “Ode to Spring – A poem”

Weekend Meditation – The magical gift of letting go – A poem

The coming of Spring as you know – Teaches many things: such as the magical gift of letting go. For, after all, who among us sits at their front door, steadfast in a heart longing full of Spring dreams – awaiting its glorious golden gleams, beckons waning Winter to come back in?

An oasis of splendor – A poem

Winter’s weary hand looses its grip – A sure promise of Spring’s coming embrace. February’s painted dawn, a canvas of pink and yellow light, shimmer like daffodils dancing in the daylight Sunset’s deep oranges and reds, Hang in the evening sky, foretelling ripe fruit to come in the gardens of life. All of these –Continue reading “An oasis of splendor – A poem”

Teetering on the edge of hope – A poem

Teetering on the edge of hope – with stilts of peace to steady my feet, I walk through life in blind faith – knowing that: ‘Though bleak clouds may dim the horizon, The moon and stars will shine in their time, The rain will come in its season to the land, The earth will bringContinue reading “Teetering on the edge of hope – A poem”

It is the Season

It is the season for warm nights by the hearth. It is the season of close friends reminiscing days and times gone. It is a season that commemorate: friendships, family, hope, the star of Bethlehem, and The Rose of Sharon. It is the season of celebration. Whatever you may call it, it is what itContinue reading “It is the Season”