Wind Instruments – A Poem*

Summer’s glow bakes ink off t-shirts Its waves swaying drapery tassels, as Potted plants wilt into plucked roses. Some deploy target fans of paper lace While others mop handkerchief faces. Instead of dozing in summer’s billows, Let us open wide rose paned windows, Invite in trade winds to play cornetts, Rehearsing on wood wind instruments,Continue reading “Wind Instruments – A Poem*”

La Noche – A Poem

Iridescent twilight strides like a wooing peacock’s train, Confidently hovering over la noche’s blue celestial terrain. Twilight coaxes Sunset to extend her golden slipper tour, For the sake of adoring hearts uplifted by her gilded star. Car horns fitted in halogen coats and rubber pumps, crow. Denizens from the city night buses glow under streetlight,Continue reading “La Noche – A Poem”

The Scroll – A Poem (A Tale)

Uncovered in a Tasmanian rock quarry, A fossilized scroll of the sage Tutenant, Of the ancient ant kingdom of Hillovant. The following, its transcribed fragment: – “Remember your wisdom O venerable ant member, You command great armies without a commander. Following the community ant steps of one another, You render impossible treks possible without GPS,Continue reading “The Scroll – A Poem (A Tale)”

Hula Hoops – A Poem

Summer icons of yesteryear: Like satisfaction hula hoops, Of backyard wading troupes. Hop scotch contests with pals, Winner takes the chalk pails. Castles in make believe sand, Crowned with scoops at hand. Iced tea drink from crystals, Jawbreakers and peanut brittle. Double feature Tuesday nights, Airport gazing incoming flights. Summer’s laisser faire invoice, Perennial freedomsContinue reading “Hula Hoops – A Poem”

Iron – A Poem

Resurrected mineral ashes into heat sown, Oxygen-freed crucible breathless with air, Birth the iron age, its molten element heir. Vulcan skillfully hammers iron pillows for His offspring’s cradle mined in Earth’s core, Cooled in tempered fire, quenched in water. Iron, the shining face in antiquity’s mirror, Whose steel lineage can sharpen one other, Whose furnaceContinue reading “Iron – A Poem”

Spiced Chai – A Poem*

Oh! to be a plateau of spiced chai and drink tea In ocean sips, like tributary lakes flow into sea. Warm sultry pods, the breathed air of elysium, In the escaping fragility of memories’ lithium. Arid spiced oasis brewed into watery caravans, Soothing trade-winds to the isle of langerhans. ************************ *Inspired by Jay Bleu, TheContinue reading “Spiced Chai – A Poem*”

Prairie Grain – A Poem

Prairie grain harvests brought in to the bell of spring’s last call, Drying, sifting: wheat, canola and barley with sunshine’s shawl, Parking combine juggernauts to hibernate in veiled tabernacle Undercover, until comes the sickle call of winter’s harvest cycle. Farmers, the skilled miners of green gold reap from soil’s factories, Dispatching wheat and canola, toContinue reading “Prairie Grain – A Poem”

Pixie Flowers – A Poem

Pixie flowers, lilliputian floral wonder, big on scenery: Glomerata, the bellflower of the ball in purple livery, Meadowbright, picturesque pinks, echinacea’s sister, Saxifraga, raising a cup to the groundcover whisperer. All floral titans undercover, reviving their grandeur, Over woodlands, and gardens in spring and summer. Surely they delight to lend their once grand moniker To,Continue reading “Pixie Flowers – A Poem”

A cardboard box – A Poem

What can be more versatile than a cardboard box Like quantum forces in galaxy building blocks, Framing inert space into useful folds of clarity, Bound particles pushing open the lid of reality. Encasing precious goods of human sustenance. Transporting saffron treasures across far oceans, Corrugated lacquered paper often made air tight, Carrying goods overland non-stopContinue reading “A cardboard box – A Poem”