Today – A Poem

Today is the only menu item at life’s feast ready to be served We can order yesterday but that menu has been archived We can try to order the future but its plates are shelved We may enjoy today: to go, a la cart, or home delivery And, if life is our mother sauce; then,Continue reading “Today – A Poem”

Ornamentum – A Poem

Fresh snow, falls in Northern sheets on the bed of night, Hemming satin pillows in canticles of the Magnificat. December writes its liturgy in Summer praise, Selah! Where Southern daisies embellish the tundra in gerbera, While the North, in icicle chandeliers, etch Winter’s laser. Tipping its hat to both seasons in its December orbit, TellusContinue reading “Ornamentum – A Poem”

Namib – A Poem

Arid land longing to be a lake again, the Namib’s lineage An ocean of sand, crust-fallen waves, an unwilling mirage. Shifting sand so hot; it builds daily, its own Axis Mundi forge, Blowing glass into heart shapes; kissing heat from Earth’s axis Yet, among its stone guardians and wood sentinels; life persists. There lies anContinue reading “Namib – A Poem”