Antediluvian- A Poem

Antediluvian, the deep beheld him cradling the earth’s nursery, Architect and interior designer planning that very first Monday. Astounded waves bowed onto the ocean floor cresting on the way, Appointing themselves tender lines they vow daily to convey, they Attach themselves to tides wrapped in green seaweed bouquets; A keepsake to one love embossed onContinue reading “Antediluvian- A Poem”

Garlicaromatherapy – A Poem

Wouldn’t it be lovely if one neighbor Squashed, a plethora, or what appears Nose-wise, as six tons of garlic cloves, From an open apartment hall alcove, Broadcasting molecular gastronomy; Relinquishing its vivid aromatherapy, To nasal stations in an entire zipcode, Like scented telegraphs of Morse code. While spicy Allium and her twin Aroma Frolic, spreadingContinue reading “Garlicaromatherapy – A Poem”

Pineapple Rain – A Poem

Shade trees hover sheltering nature’s baked goods, Baby blue skies console with cotton candy clouds. While thunder teases, waiting for the y-east to rise, Occasionally checking his script for a cool reprise. Enter stage left rain bustles, her lines unrehearsed. Unprepared, the Sun blinks into the kabatic breeze – Quickly cupping her fingers through wetlandContinue reading “Pineapple Rain – A Poem”

Pixie Flowers – A Poem

Pixie flowers, lilliputian floral wonder, big on scenery: Glomerata, the bellflower of the ball in purple livery, Meadowbright, picturesque pinks, echinacea’s sister, Saxifraga, raising a cup to the groundcover whisperer. All floral titans undercover, reviving their grandeur, Over woodlands, and gardens in spring and summer. Surely they delight to lend their once grand moniker To,Continue reading “Pixie Flowers – A Poem”

A cardboard box – A Poem

What can be more versatile than a cardboard box Like quantum forces in galaxy building blocks, Framing inert space into useful folds of clarity, Bound particles pushing open the lid of reality. Encasing precious goods of human sustenance. Transporting saffron treasures across far oceans, Corrugated lacquered paper often made air tight, Carrying goods overland non-stopContinue reading “A cardboard box – A Poem”

Circadian Rhythm – A Poem

Don’t you just love it when: Just for a moment, you can’t tell what day of the week it is, When you have to fumble around in the dark for the phone, Or scamper with one slipper to the window seeking a “sign,” Those rhythms once apparently chiseled, ready and honed, Where has that comfort-abilityContinue reading “Circadian Rhythm – A Poem”

Weekend’s Parade – A Poem

Visions of sunrise cornfields taller than waist height, Reaching up trying to tickle clouds in relaxed flight. Looking up at the cosmic billboard to Summer bliss, Admiring the cloud’s answer to dressing to impress. Debating the skies not to rain on Weekend’s parade, Thunder replies, delivering advice on running inside. Round-tabled courtiers – breakfast andContinue reading “Weekend’s Parade – A Poem”

Gifted Shelter – A Poem

Terra firma; Atlas’s burden, toil and cosmic presence, Orbiting bodies steady his uplifting arm’s advance. Humanity’s home on mortality’s illuminated perch. Dry clay footrest of creation’s live spectator bench, Provides angles from which upon Zion, eyelids gaze Admiring shooting stars and falling comets ablaze. Warmed blue ocean sister to bright brother Solar, Born of theContinue reading “Gifted Shelter – A Poem”

Early Morning Rhythm – A Poem

Sunrise sequesters silence at the cusp morning hour, Quiet rises in the halcyon air like fog across the moor. Meditative morning strolls drench soles in dewdrops, Sprinkling contemplation’s lobes where ideas synapse. Cardinal songbirds serenade in their red plumed vest, Spinning pensive toned albums from their nearby nest. Stirring at the day’s first winks, itsContinue reading “Early Morning Rhythm – A Poem”

Popping Corn – A Poem

Memories hop around the kettle of the mind like popping corn with the soul as the lid. The balm of quietude fuels the kernels rising swiftly from where they were hid. Popping aromatherapy scents the room with relaxing reminders; home is sanctuary’s solace. Movie night on the sofa of the soul ruminating on the crunchyContinue reading “Popping Corn – A Poem”