Namib – A Poem

Arid land longing to be a lake again, the Namib’s lineage An ocean of sand, crust-fallen waves, an unwilling mirage. Shifting sand so hot; it builds daily, its own Axis Mundi forge, Blowing glass into heart shapes; kissing heat from Earth’s axis Yet, among its stone guardians and wood sentinels; life persists. There lies anContinue reading “Namib – A Poem”

Ocean Jewels – Two Versions – Of A Poem

Version A Ocean crown jewels; magic afloat in coral Where mere sand is turned to pearls – Nature’s alchemy hides fortune’s token In famous pearls like Beauty of Ocean. Waves sway in the sea’s charm bracelet Swelling as their currents spin amulets. Version B Ocean crown jewels; The sound of the waves Summons all theContinue reading “Ocean Jewels – Two Versions – Of A Poem”

Dry Seasons in October – A Poem

Two dry seasons perch in October’s shade On one sphere birds flap wing thermometers Gliding aloft into dry season’s thermal fevers, Where armored brisk winds, in dust battalions Sandblast leftover leaves from tropical squadrons. While elsewhere, October winds sail leaf armadas Carrying moisture in gusts, home to Amazonia. Nature relaxes in the seasonal embers ofContinue reading “Dry Seasons in October – A Poem”

The Watery Veil – A Poem

Carried on primordial oars From where all living arose, The ocean; terra’s watery veil, Protecting all life in each swell. Was first witness in the beginning, As all creatures became the living On that day, Oceans tide itself a tether, Agreeing to move inland no further, Becoming forever, the earth’s mirror, Its watery veil andContinue reading “The Watery Veil – A Poem”

The Mattress – A Poem

In the middle of the day; a mattress appears on the highway. Stunned drivers slow down to peer at the upholstered delay, The local radio station alerts travelers that lane to stay away, Traffic comes to a crawl briefly until the item is cleared away. The following day, the radio station airs its regular call-inContinue reading “The Mattress – A Poem”

Migration – A Poem

The four winds tickling the sky at the equatorial tropics Whisk wind socks like swizzle sticks stirring polar artics, Wrapsickling the northern sphere in autumn semantics. Sensing in their DNA the call of the bones of their ancestry, Migratory birds glide in the updrafts of inherited history, Leaving the unbound Phoenix of their future; their chicksContinue reading “Migration – A Poem”

Journeys – A Poem

Some journeys lead us to our selves: Packing Samsonite in nostalgia, Stamping passport memorabilia, Staycation’s globetrotting avatar Plans trips, in invisible ink, where: The Matterhorn chairlifts Whistler, Hilting Excalibur in Snowdonia, Seating sofa safaris to Luangwa  Stirring spicy crawfish jambalaya, Mining sapphire in big sky Montana Fly-fishing souvenirs to Vancouver. Imagination’s vision quest walker Globes theContinue reading “Journeys – A Poem”

Our own personal Eden – A Poem

All living are the real tillers in life’s internal garden; Gatekeepers and watchers of our own personal Eden. Rivers of survival flow out of experience’s tangled reeds, Flooding icy lakes of discomfort with wellsprings of ease. Floating oceans of hardship, loaded flagships in disguise Ferry the riches of adversity; earth’s unexpected prize. Hollow victories tauntContinue reading “Our own personal Eden – A Poem”