Is it Spring, yet? – A poem

With cold fingertips; the question on inquiring lips, ‘Is it Spring yet?’ _________________________ Note: This poem is an attempt at the poetry form – The American Sentence. Credit and thanks to: Paul Szlosek of Paul’s Poetry Playground in his wonderful post on “Invented Poetry Forms,” and to Goff James of Art, Photography and Poetry, whoContinue reading “Is it Spring, yet? – A poem”

Teetering on the edge of hope – A poem

Teetering on the edge of hope – with stilts of peace to steady my feet, I walk through life in blind faith – knowing that: ‘Though bleak clouds may dim the horizon, The moon and stars will shine in their time, The rain will come in its season to the land, The earth will bringContinue reading “Teetering on the edge of hope – A poem”

Magical surprises

What wonder it is dear friend, To allow small things to still catch us by surprise? Like, glad tidings from a far away friend, Or, a fond memory sparked by a favorite 80’s song’s reprise, Or, the smell of the first leaves on the trees after the spring thaw, Suddenly transporting us to fond memoriesContinue reading “Magical surprises”

"What this life is meant to be"

“To learn while still a childWhat this life is meant to be.To know it goes beyond myself,It’s so much more than me. To overcome the tragedies,To survive the hardest times.To face those moments filled with pain,And still manage to be kind… To still stand up with courage,Though standing on my own.To still get up andContinue reading “"What this life is meant to be"”

What is an inquiring mind to think…

You arrive for work and another car is parked in your unmarked favorite spot. You enter the building and the first person you see comments that they were told that you weren’t in today. Then, another person asks- if you still work there. You walk to your office; your key no longer works/opens your officeContinue reading “What is an inquiring mind to think…”