Scarlet Ibis – A Poem

In flourishing red plumage a nation’s image; Scarlet ibis, winged icon, a nation’s heritage: Where spinach leaves cook-up rice with okra Steam, ripe breadfruit roasted in coal embers. Outside fire pits tend boiling corn in thyme, Like calypso tunes spinning in spicy rhyme. Coconut water vendors serve up sweet treats, As passersby sheltering October rains,Continue reading “Scarlet Ibis – A Poem”

Unimagined Eden – A Poem

When uncertainty pours life’s shattered beaker When normalcy, once was a friend; now a stranger And comfort’s companion; unsweetened comfiture. When building the temple of an expected future – Like jackhammering Herculean rock to Poseidon – Chisels invisible smoke into sculptures hidden. But – Blazing a new trail has never been, nor, ever is easyContinue reading “Unimagined Eden – A Poem”

How marvelous – A Poem

It is tricky to predict a storm Yet, birds and fowl, us inform. Even before the clouds warn, They hunker, feathers tight When not a drop is in sight. Hours later, when all is quiet – Jupiter’s thunder stirs the night, ‘Til heaven baristas the firmament. Yet, spin-drying their feathers Like twirling dervish dancers, BirdsContinue reading “How marvelous – A Poem”

Patterned Socks – A Poem

Fall colored leaves, stars on the tundra’s curb: If branches were sages; leaves their proverbs; Leaflets oracles proclaiming their ring lineage Etched in the waters of their striated foliage. Perhaps, fall leaves are nature’s patterned socks, A kindness nature weaves from the season’s fabric, Grounding our affections in warm quilted garbs As trees elevate perennialContinue reading “Patterned Socks – A Poem”

Yesterday’s Sonnets – A Poem

To be so wrapped in the wool blanket of fall And thus, not feel the air nip at October’s heel Its warmth, swaddles ballads birthed from the quill Like marshmallow stanzas in winter hot chocolate Melting rhyme in the coat of arms of Plantagenets Each sip, a toast to a soliloquy on yesterday’s sonnets.