The Idea of Love – A Poem

Imagine, The idea of Love. Portraits of heart song in landscape Epiphanies; churning the mind’s engine Running on the fumes of technicolor oil. Memories’ instant camera, taking selfies Of Parvati’s Hera proposing to Cupid’s Juno. Courting love’s rose colored rearview In memory’s two way mirror. Imagine, love’s Idea.

Breath – A Philosophical Poem

Is the unconscious act of breathing, a form of speech Can the exhale of inhale’s pitch; to soundwaves preach? Is breath, not the chanter in speech’s ventricular song, Voicing the dulcet cords of the childhood mother tongue. Perhaps, if breath is a form of speech, a language of its own Then in quiet reflection, withContinue reading “Breath – A Philosophical Poem”

Closer – A Philosophical Poem

Are dreams a sound from our own, or from a collective unconscious shofar. Do we walk among the stars when gazing at the night sky from our cars. Do we not admire those we have never met, save for their writings in ink. Perhaps we traverse space and distance more often than we might think.Continue reading “Closer – A Philosophical Poem”

Self Portrait – A Poem

What I think I know, I don’t have knowledge of all the pieces to fully understand. And, even if all the pieces were available to me, I could not grasp the full scope of my understanding anyway. What I do know, Albeit, only partially – Is that I don’t really know anything fully. A delightfulContinue reading “Self Portrait – A Poem”