Nature’s Camouflage – A poem

A fluffy orb of almost white tumbles past the window. A rabbit materializes on the pale snow. Movements too fast for eyes to meet, nor to see its fleeting feet. But, for a second, it stops – Takes several silent hops. Then, in a mesmerizing feat of momentary artifice, Nature camouflages that supersized bunny, asContinue reading “Nature’s Camouflage – A poem”

Monday Reflection: “Looking deeply into nature…”

“When we look at a tree… We see how it appears to us on the surface, and we dismiss it as being just another form in the Universe. We fail to realize that the tree is connected to the Universe on every level; that all of nature is expressing itself through that single form. ThereContinue reading “Monday Reflection: “Looking deeply into nature…””

Magical timing and qualities of Nature

Giant Himalayan lily, grows for 5 to 7 years and then blooms Agave Americana (Century plant), takes 10 years to bloom Kurinji or Neelakurinji plant of Munmar, Southwest India – blooms once every 12 years – last bloom was July 2018. [Photos: hillside of Neelakurinji, and closeup] Talipot Palm (grows in Asia, Hawaii) blooms onceContinue reading “Magical timing and qualities of Nature”

Nature along the way

I took some photos of nature in my travels to and from home. I was particularly delighted with the bunny rabbit (I think) that stopped for me to take his photo. I was greatly surprised that he did not run away. Nope. He sat there quite comfortable waiting for me to walk by (this isContinue reading “Nature along the way”