Twittering Tales #157 – 8 October, 2019

A lens to the heavens The observatory, a beacon to the search for visitors. But, we are visitors, too. The earth is our temporary home. The shiny island dome, a working human monument exploring the Divine canvas created by –the Author of all life. In Whom we are all truly “at home” Total characters: 280PhotoContinue reading “Twittering Tales #157 – 8 October, 2019”

Twittering Tales # 153- September 10-2019

She sat staring at the busy rays of morning light triumphantly escaping from the tattered blinds. Her carefully dimmed sanctuary now intruded by soft gentle orange hues illuminating her hands as She raised the blinds to reveal–the ancient church next door ^^^^^^^ In response to; Twittering Tales #153- 10 September 2019 A Prompt by KatContinue reading “Twittering Tales # 153- September 10-2019”