Twittering Tales #160 – 29 October 2019

A testimony to lifeThese pale stone tablets record individual lives lived.Lives whose sacrifices taught us love and wisdomThese stones are both, a symbol of their entry into eternal lifeand, a living testament to their wisdom and their love which will live in our hearts, forever. Total characters: 280 In response to: Kat Myrman weekly photoContinue reading “Twittering Tales #160 – 29 October 2019”

Twittering Tales #157 – 8 October, 2019

A lens to the heavens The observatory, a beacon to the search for visitors. But, we are visitors, too. The earth is our temporary home. The shiny island dome, a working human monument exploring the Divine canvas created by –the Author of all life. In Whom we are all truly “at home” Total characters: 280PhotoContinue reading “Twittering Tales #157 – 8 October, 2019”

Twittering Tales #156 – 1 October, 2019

The other side No time for photo opportunity today. I just want to get to the other side–To my special summer place. There, the cool waters bear plenty of salmon at this time of day. I pause, give a respectful glance, get my bearings, then tip toe around, to the other side. Total characters: 277Continue reading “Twittering Tales #156 – 1 October, 2019”