Namib – A Poem

Arid land longing to be a lake again, the Namib’s lineage An ocean of sand, crust-fallen waves, an unwilling mirage. Shifting sand so hot; it builds daily, its own Axis Mundi forge, Blowing glass into heart shapes; kissing heat from Earth’s axis Yet, among its stone guardians and wood sentinels; life persists. There lies anContinue reading “Namib – A Poem”

Scarlet Ibis – A Poem

In flourishing red plumage a nation’s image; Scarlet ibis, winged icon, a nation’s heritage: Where spinach leaves cook-up rice with okra Steam, ripe breadfruit roasted in coal embers. Outside fire pits tend boiling corn in thyme, Like calypso tunes spinning in spicy rhyme. Coconut water vendors serve up sweet treats, As passersby sheltering October rains,Continue reading “Scarlet Ibis – A Poem”

Ocean Jewels – Two Versions – Of A Poem

Version A Ocean crown jewels; magic afloat in coral Where mere sand is turned to pearls – Nature’s alchemy hides fortune’s token In famous pearls like Beauty of Ocean. Waves sway in the sea’s charm bracelet Swelling as their currents spin amulets. Version B Ocean crown jewels; The sound of the waves Summons all theContinue reading “Ocean Jewels – Two Versions – Of A Poem”