And in all things be content

What is contentment? It is emotional comfort born of faith. It is a personal permission to enjoy who you are, what you are becoming, what you do, what you already have, where you are and what you believe. It is a present appreciation of what you are becoming with no self judgement of how youContinue reading “And in all things be content”

Can you spare some change?

I for one claim that I like change. But that is not always true. I give the outward impression that I am “cool” with it. However, on the inside my heart sinks when I have to undergo change in any way. Eventually, I pray through it and God gives me courage to move forward inContinue reading “Can you spare some change?”

How much sleep do you need to feel rested?

A friend of mine asked me yesterday: How much sleep do you need? I had to think for a minute because, it is not a question I consider often. I guess by most standards my sleep patterns are irregular. But, I have made peace with that. However, I must admit that I was not alwaysContinue reading “How much sleep do you need to feel rested?”

Everything has led you to this moment in your life

I was just enjoying my coffee and watching the sun rise and felt very strongly that I should share some words of encouragement with you. Everything that you have been through. Every joy, every experience, every pain, every miss-step, every success and yes, every “failure” has led to this moment in your life. It isContinue reading “Everything has led you to this moment in your life”