Wisdom from my grandma

When I was growing up my grandmother had many sayings that she repeated often. She was in my eyes, the wisest person I have known. She would encourage me to be open to expressing my emotions when she said, “Laugh and cry live in the same house.” She meant that I should not be afraidContinue reading “Wisdom from my grandma”

Nature along the way

I took some photos of nature in my travels to and from home. I was particularly delighted with the bunny rabbit (I think) that stopped for me to take his photo. I was greatly surprised that he did not run away. Nope. He sat there quite comfortable waiting for me to walk by (this isContinue reading “Nature along the way”

What are you meant to do?

What are you meant to do? What am I meant to do? This for me has been a nagging question since I was in my late 20’s (long time ago). I have tried and worked at many careers. I have completed many personality assessments. I have studied in various disciplines. I have traveled and livedContinue reading “What are you meant to do?”

Do you remember your first sense of being self aware?

My very first memory of being self aware — I was seven years old, dressed in my favorite dress getting ready to go to church. I remember feeling present in the moment. It was my birthday. I felt for some reason that being seven was a big deal in my life. I can still see myself at that moment.