Sapling – A Poem

Earth’s globe, blossomed sapling in the tree of life, Upholding humanity’s offspring in noble archetype. Its Elysian fountain bark; the destroyer of sorrows, Supports keepsake trellises where empathy grows; Staking sanctuaries in solitude’s stemmed embrace, Every twig, a sturdy foothold in the immortal race. Its vines bridging both sides of the heavenly river, With rootsContinue reading “Sapling – A Poem”

Pest Control Day – A Poem

August, the annual spray recital; decks have been cleared Uninvited characters wait in the wings, unseen unheard. The human audience crop the stage of household props, Corralling them in a pile; complete with the requisite aisle. The stage director proscribes a seven-hour intermission Wherein, uninvited “guests” are handed script revisions, To ply their trade inContinue reading “Pest Control Day – A Poem”

The Scroll – A Poem (A Tale)

Uncovered in a Tasmanian rock quarry, A fossilized scroll of the sage Tutenant, Of the ancient ant kingdom of Hillovant. The following, its transcribed fragment: – “Remember your wisdom O venerable ant member, You command great armies without a commander. Following the community ant steps of one another, You render impossible treks possible without GPS,Continue reading “The Scroll – A Poem (A Tale)”

Manna from the skies – A Poem

What if green beans were pistachio ice-cream in disguise. Parsnips were poutine – that saucy staple with french fries. Cauliflower was super-sized cotton candy on the 4th of July. Radishes were popsicles with Mac and cheese pizza surprise. Brussels sprouts were popcorn, broccoli were cup cake pies. Perhaps children world-wide might applaud such a surprise,Continue reading “Manna from the skies – A Poem”

Noontime rain – A Poem

A not uncommon noontime occurrence, Visceral storms pirouette in the distance, The once vibrant sun cloaks in darkness. Sweeping in from nowhere in the visible spectrum, Strong winds dispatch the ominous vortex to Elysium. Once threatening torrent, now wind-kissed noontime rain. Locals accustomed to this magical phenomenon, Siesta to a water pitter-patter lullaby refrain.