Essence – A Poem

Summer’s essence leaves its notes to Fall’s subtle perfume, Steaming pots of spikenard scent the autumn new moon. Swirling, cooled northerly winds; nature’s street sweeper Loofah the tundra with vigor, scraping summer’s aroma; Exchanging it for horned baskets in scented stomata, For pumpkin spiced lattes, hot apple cider or, a cuppa. And, roaming the sidewalksContinue reading “Essence – A Poem”

Fall’s Scepter – A Poem

Autumn; Winter waits every year to see her, His persona attracted to her warmed temper. But she arrives before him, often not by much, And, exits on winged Demeter’s pumpkin patch. His chivalric quest, epic as that of Sir Gawayne, He plies her with gifts near the Etruscan plain, They vanish like ice cubes inContinue reading “Fall’s Scepter – A Poem”

W-h-a-t happened to fall!! πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚

Oh my gosh! I was flabbergasted beyond astonishment over the weekend when I saw some white fluffy pebbly stuff on one of the cars in the parking lot where I went shopping. I thought to myself -what is that!! I lost my mind for a minute -not only did I mentally pretend to forget whatContinue reading “W-h-a-t happened to fall!! πŸ‚πŸ‚πŸ‚”