“At the end of the day…”

“At the end of the day…we are anchoring into the peaceful lagoon, smiling at the majestic sun and its flirting rays, slowly slipping into the glittering ballroom of immense night skies, sipping on the platinum moon liquor under the blues of rippling waves kissing my golden foot hanging over the board of gently rocking boat,Continue reading ““At the end of the day…””

“Like a tree planted by running water”

“You’re a tree replanted in Eden, bearing fresh fruit every month,Never dropping a leaf,  always in blossom.” Psalm 1:3 – The Message Bible “The tree that is beside the running water is fresher and gives more fruit.”-Saint Teresa of Avila. May your gifts bear fruit and multiply in a harvest of good works which send outContinue reading ““Like a tree planted by running water””

A weekend Retreat

A weekend evening’s enjoyment, Recreation for fun, leisure and release, Transposes weary thoughts into the quietude of refreshment. A weekly pause overflows into reclining rest, Refreshment of mind, spirit and body– Fuel for the soul. A pleasant diversion from a week of adventure. All these made possible beautifully by A retreat into the spectacular worldsContinue reading “A weekend Retreat”

Make it through

Pain is a constant friend. The winter cold reverberating in your joints at night, another. The mind says, ‘”you are not going to make it, the odds are against you.” But your heart Knows you are going to make it through. Surrounded by seemingly superior forces You dig a trench in your soul– the wellContinue reading “Make it through”

Love notes from heaven

A quiet rest Your sleepy hand selects A relaxing book — On your book shelf for decades A treasure of treasures. Some restful sounds, No loud music. Then, immaculate quiet enters And helpful sleep Drifts towards your eyelids– Welcomed visitors After a soul weary day. You open the book A tattered tiny note in AContinue reading “Love notes from heaven”

You are valuable

You are valuable. You are wrapped in the same fabric of life as everyone else. When God breathed life into you; It was the same breath he breathed into everyone else. Your value is not measured by: Someone else’s success, Someone else’s opinion, or Someone else’s definitions. You are a rock star all by yourself!Continue reading “You are valuable”

Another command performance

Her orb of precious golden warmth and light makes a brief appearance And then departs. The Sun, she will appear again tomorrow for another command performance. But for today she hastens to the horizon to shed her light there. I remember my grandma would say when the days grew shorter, “Child, take night and makeContinue reading “Another command performance”

Dancing like waves on the shore

A week end in sight As the ebb of the day recedes. You, excited Your spirit dancing like waves on the shore. You feel it. The trade-winds of change you long for are close. You can sense the shift in your course. This week has been an ocean of possibilities into your truth charting aContinue reading “Dancing like waves on the shore”