Remember – A poem

Remember all your work on personal development. You: Taught yourself how to manifest good in the universe, Embraced self awareness, Learned to discover your gifting, Hold to your faith with a titanium grip, Exposed spirituality in your own heart with love, and Awakened to the real truth of why you were here. All that preparationContinue reading “Remember – A poem”

Nature’s Camouflage – A poem

A fluffy orb of almost white tumbles past the window. A rabbit materializes on the pale snow. Movements too fast for eyes to meet, nor to see its fleeting feet. But, for a second, it stops – Takes several silent hops. Then, in a mesmerizing feat of momentary artifice, Nature camouflages that supersized bunny, asContinue reading “Nature’s Camouflage – A poem”

Road block – A poem

Sometimes, into your travels, comes a sacred road block. This kind is not meant to steer you off course – But to offer you a secret glimpse, Into the you, You are becoming. To witness your patience in embracing change. To embrace your strength, When faced with uncertainty. To grasp uncertainty – As an opportunityContinue reading “Road block – A poem”