“Life is an adventure, not an all inclusive retreat” 🏝️

When we think of adventure, several things may come to mind. The lovely vacation to a far off place, long since planned and lovingly carried out. The trip of a life time to a new place. The exploration, or the return to that special place – the majestic breath-taking mountains or the white sandy beachContinue reading ““Life is an adventure, not an all inclusive retreat” 🏝️”

I wish I had no homework!

I overheard my neighbor’s little son exclaim: “I wish I had no homework!” I thought to myself, “my feelings exactly!” I wonder if we ever stop having home work? There is always some project to do for the home, for family, in our careers or working on ourselves. Perhaps some time for a brain restContinue reading “I wish I had no homework!”

Wisdom from my grandma

One of the wisest people I have known was my grandma. She did not graduate from high school. Her wisdom came from her daily reading of God’s word and her acute application of common sense. Grandma would say, “Wash your foot before you get in the dance.” This has nothing to do with dancing atContinue reading “Wisdom from my grandma”

Evening to Morning Inspiration

A few quotes to light your evening journey, or to start your day, wherever you are. “Butterflies are nature’s angels.They remind us what a gift it is to be alive.”-Robyn Nola “Do What You Can With All You Have, Wherever You Are.” – Theodore Roosevelt “We must be willing to let go of the lifeContinue reading “Evening to Morning Inspiration”

Can I pour you a cup of coffee?

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee. I like coffee. It is on my mind to write about the dark elixir of the Coffea arabica and Coffea canephora seeds. Coffee machines are lovely and all. However, when I am desperate, I put the filter in the drip container, slap it on my mug, boil water, pour, and hope forContinue reading “Can I pour you a cup of coffee?”

Can you take some time for yourself ?

I have been a bit lax in the self care department. So I have to admit that this word of encouragement is for me as well. Sometimes we just float along with our very full and rich schedules and forget about taking time for the care that we need so that we can recharge ourContinue reading “Can you take some time for yourself ?”

What you’ve been seeking is just a short distance away

What you have been seeking is just a few feet further down the road on your journey! I was driving home this morning, in very heavy stop-and-go traffic. I drove up and waited to make my left turn into the side street where I live. The cars going in the opposite direction were packed tightlyContinue reading “What you’ve been seeking is just a short distance away”

Can words really fill your stomach with joy?

The other day, I missed breakfast but I was determined to write a blog post before doing anything else that morning. I was hungry but I had to write. Perhaps you can relate. An hour or so later, I finished the post, tweaking it until I was satisfied it was what was in my mindContinue reading “Can words really fill your stomach with joy?”

Happy Monday, You are not just spinning the wheel of life

The origin of the name Monday is from the old English and or, the Greek reference to the Norse god Mani – the Moon. Monday came into English meaning, “day of the Moon” from either old English: Mōnandæg or the Greek: ἡμέρᾱ Σελήνης, diēs Lūnae.¹ In either case, Monday was and is a celebration ofContinue reading “Happy Monday, You are not just spinning the wheel of life”