Sapphire Lagoon – A Poem

Soles shift in labored toil portraying diligent effort, Keyboard penmanship typed in mouse discomfort. All-nighters snuffer both ends of the burn candle, Wringing inner ear repeat the woodpecker’s anvil. Unrequited culinary affectations, quick bake flour Into one-sided sandwiches for brunch and dinner. Thirst’s parched whistle, the kettle’s dainty saucer, Harmony’s momentary breather, serenity’s sister. OasisContinue reading “Sapphire Lagoon – A Poem”

The art gallery – A Poem

Wouldn’t it be nice to visit the garden art gallery, Plum for fine fruit, captured by Monet and Dali. Admire smiling rose bushes, the Mona Lisa of hedges, Train climbing cucumbers, The Thinker of veggies. Paint peaches like Monet, pears like van Gough, And, sculpt strawberry fences into Venus Di Milo. This familiar oasis sketchedContinue reading “The art gallery – A Poem”

The under kingdom – A Poem

In the far under kingdom of Peat, Annelida of the turf advance unit, Wormed her way in the grottoes, To fend off the army of Antophicloes, Threatening to devour the tomatoes. She dons her invertebrate armor, Sheaths her sword named tuber. And, rallies her Eastern troops into rows, Under the ripen vines of tomatoes. WithContinue reading “The under kingdom – A Poem”

Engine of ourselves – A Poem

Created in earthly labor, Raised in stages of rest. We blink and the eyes rest. We breathe and the lungs rest. We speak as the ears listen. Spring abounds as winter expires. Summer simmers as Spring rests. Fall exhales, other seasons inhale. Nature’s coming in and going out, A looking glass into the engine ofContinue reading “Engine of ourselves – A Poem”

A stroll in the woods – A poem

A stroll in the woods, stumbles into a clearing of trees, Warmth, serenades yellow blooms in the breeze. Hummingbirds helicopter to the golden bistros, Ordering candied nectar as fast as they please. Bees competing for the same sumptuous cup, Wax eloquent chorus floating to a buttercup. Thorns of the day trumpeting the heart, Vanish unexpectedlyContinue reading “A stroll in the woods – A poem”

Blood Oranges – A Poem

Pulmonary sketched orbs of unsung valor, Pour into nature’s beaker, Its magenta vermilion nectar. Blood oranges, blushingly shy visitors To the citrus family mansion, Thirsting to fit in, With cousins green limes and lemon. Not to mention, Famous step-sister yellow orange – Whose pulpacious personality, a family tradition. Differences aside, when tangy juice is atContinue reading “Blood Oranges – A Poem”

Rainbows – A Poem

Perhaps rainbows warm the heart, As tantalizing specters of curved sunlight, Or, because of the magical way that at just the right angle, With the Sun watching your back, Heavenly tapestry creates an earthly spectacle. Or, because somewhere deep within, They are moments for one. Between the universe and you alone. A reminder of aContinue reading “Rainbows – A Poem”

Serendipity – A stream of Unconscious Poem

Perhaps, start reading that book You’ve only given its cover a look Create that cabinet space From that centuries-old lace Roam somewhere new outdoors Enjoy its woodland moors Shop for that small un-necessity You’ve told your mind is an impossibility But thoughts of it are shear serendipity Play your favorite old songs Without Alexa orContinue reading “Serendipity – A stream of Unconscious Poem”