The Blues – A Poem

Western seagulls hang-glide blue skies.Nearby, blue-tailed magpiestilt their beaks squinting, plotting,sizing up, my azure steed’s hooves (my car tires),eyeing the morsels tucked in the tires’ grooves.While, apartment dwellers in skyscrapers’sing the blues.’—about trotting hooves making beelinesfor personal earlobe real estate.Here’s a prime example:Mondays’ eve, come mid-Winterwhen HDTVs become ramparts blasting sound volleys, down-the-hall turrets;pelting HockeyContinue reading “The Blues – A Poem”

The Yukon #4 – A Short Story

Two paths lay in front of him. Paul was about to choose one of them. Each offered danger from its bitter chalice. One path led to his Winter rest stop cabin. A frequent trail for Brown bears, muskox and moose. The other led to his emergency canoe, hidden on the edge of his property. TheContinue reading “The Yukon #4 – A Short Story”

Eh! – A Poem

Poutine fries, loaded ships sailing barges on the great lakes Pop not soda fizzes hum like poured coffee from pal tims Holding fast to the vowel hinterland, schmoozing the “u;” Colour not color, loosen up those vocals, ‘caught’ not ‘cot.’ Not to mention that silent vowel – ‘eh’ where ‘hey’ shushes ‘h’ Where saying sorryContinue reading “Eh! – A Poem”