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Fears, doubts and insecurities are all around us. Sometimes it may even seem easier to “just want to be someone else” as we wrap ourselves up in these negative feelings. The grass may appear much greener on the other side based on our perceptions and ideas. Which may or may not be slanted in the right direction, based on the past or current experiences we have had. The reality– is often the exact opposite.

What if the person you think has everything going for them looks in the mirror and hates the way they smile, or how large they think their eyes are? What if everyone else in their family has brown eyes and they are made to feel out of place for having blue ones? If the messages they have heard from family, friends or loved ones has always been negative regarding a certain characteristic or feature, their self-esteem will have taken solid hits from that.

Others may be envied for superficial beauty, wealth or relationships. People would fight to trade places with them because many of them are looking at us and thinking the same thing. You appear as the smartest person around and they wish they had the same people or conversation skills that you do. That feeling of quiet desperation to “be someone else” can be counter productive.

These are all perception and not your reality.

Rather than spend  life wringing your hands about who you can’t be, or what you don’t have in it, concentrate on finding out how to make things better for yourself. Ask questions and find solutions to how to be a better person and to accept yourself for who you are. You can always learn new skills. I completed a post graduate degree in my 50’s.

Just because that’s the way “you have always been” doesn’t mean that’s the way you must always remain. Taking steps to self-improvement can open up new doors of experiences and opportunities for you. Then you can, in turn, inspire and motivate others.

Get rid of the regrets in your conversations with yourself and focus on being a first class citizen in your own mind. Cheers

Do you remember your first sense of being self aware?

My very first memory of being self aware — I was seven years old, dressed in my favorite dress getting ready to go to church. I remember feeling present in the moment. It was my birthday. I felt for some reason that being seven was a big deal in my life. I can still see myself at that moment. It made an impact on my sense of self at that very young age. It was a challenge which I have tried to never let go of. The challenge to be myself as much as possible. Do you remember your first sense of being self aware?

Being self aware challenges us

As social beings who thrive on relationships, being self-aware enriches our ability to nurture relationships. It helps us relate to the feelings of other people.  Therefore, we cultivate friendships, we forgive, we trust, we heal from betrayal. We muster the courage to care for others, often, risking everything to reveal our true self.  Because we are self aware, we acknowledge that no one is perfect. Self-awareness underscores individual emotional intelligence. Dr. Daniel Goleman offers a body of work on emotional intelligence. He suggests that being self aware is one of the building blocks, “realms” of emotional well being. Lacking this skill can leave us in conflict with others. One way to enrich self awareness is to cultivate flexibility – and open mindedness — cut others some slack!

Being Self aware promotes versatility and open-mindedness

Knowing yourself can be very crucial to affecting the approach that you have on issues. Self-awareness in itself is the ability to actively seek to listen to the body and mind to know your natural response to change. Foster a self consciousness that is gentle towards you. Be kind to yourself. This consciousness can give clarity of focus when dealing with issues. The ability to embrace opinions, feedback, and criticism from others as a gift may be an opportunity to shape one of the very few things that will forever be uniquely you—- your character.

Be Generous

A generous person is not required to give all her possessions away. A generous person is also not required to allow others to push them around. Being generous involves firstly, the readiness to give or being willing to give more than is required –to over deliver.

Being generous takes kindness of the heart to the next level. A person may be kind at heart, and yes, even often think about helping others, but unless one takes the risk to get the ball rolling in offering one’s time, energy or other resources for the benefit of another individual –it is merely an ideal. Generosity when acted upon, moves us to give of ourselves gently, willingly, and expecting nothing in return. This part takes time. One does not accomplish this overnight.

You may ask, how does giving away assets help me live a better life?

The truth is that many regard generosity as one of the keys to being truly happy in this life. In fact, there is medical research to support this. Research suggests that the part of the brain associated with stress and anxiety is less stimulated i.e stress is greatly reduced when giving to specific individuals or to targeted causes. The article can be found at Medical News Today written by Ana Sandoiu, Friday 31, August 2018.

In summary

  • Nurture the desire to greater appreciate all that you have
  • Appreciate the generosity of others. Be willing to receive
  • Being generous impacts general well-being.
  • Seek out opportunities to do good for others

This kind of concern for others proves beneficial– it enables a focus on the needs of others rather than one’s own circumstances.

Lastly, Be cautious and wise in giving—think of your safety first and trust your gut. Give where and when you feel it is right to do so.

“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.” ― Mahatma Gandhi


My name is Suzette B. I am writing this blog to inspire and encourage you. Many times the ebb and flow of life move so quickly that we have little time to remember to “breathe” and focus on the small things – a peaceful quiet moment, an old joke, a dear friend or loved one, a favorite phrase and many small things. This blog, I hope can bring the small things to mind with joy. Here’s to living joyfully one small moment at a time. Here’s to the means to live life on your own terms. Cheers.

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