A happy place?

I have lived in some challenging places. I have lived in my car, in a shelter, behind a dumpster and in several apartments. I was reminded recently that each one of these places have developed my ability to survive in some pretty harsh (some of them) circumstances. There is a richness to being able to endure and to be able to look back with some clarity on how circumstances have shaped who you are becoming.

Sometimes we desire things in life but we do not realize the true cost. If we knew what it cost we would shrink from asking for, say, “strength,” for wealth, for patience and so on. But in all cases, in hindsight I understand, although not entirely, (because only God knows the full spectrum of why things happen), that each of my living circumstances, was in its own way… a happy place. I learned more about myself when I was forced to live behind a dumpster for a few days than I did living in an apartment. I learned that I am a survivor. Wherever life takes you –whatever place that may be– know that you are a survivor.


Flowers can bloom in the most unlikely places. It is a reflection of the nature of life experiences. Life can offer many challenges. Some of those situations are enjoyable and easy to manage. Other experiences in life’s journey are filled with struggle. Know that you have what it takes to stand strong in difficult times.

You are confident and able to honestly and openly face life’s constraints. It is no secret that each day holds its stresses and strife.

When life’s challenge finds its way into your path look within for your strength.

Remind yourself that challenges are a natural part of life. These experiences create chances to learn important things that can help the future you. Look for the opportunity to grow through each challenge. Reach within you – you have the courage and confidence to face whatever troubles you.

Bravery rises to meet you when you seek it.

Your belief in your strength grows with every encounter. The true warrior that you are recalls past battles rejoicing that you have survived. They are in the past now. Those struggles are far behind you. And, the emotional stamina that they imparted help you live through the current situation with H-O-P-E

If everybody likes you– then you must be doing something wrong

If everybody likes you– then you must be doing something wrong. When you stand up for something great, when you express faith, when you live by personal core values; Somebody somewhere will not like your point of view or how you live your life.

Take courage.. “be everything to You, not everything to everybody” – Lisa Liebman-Wang

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You rock!

So things are a mess emotionally. You are being yelled at. People are saying things that are not true about you, or about those you care about. Perhaps this is not a way to upset your emotions but rather it is a test of your courage to stand firm in the face of adversity. Or it is perhaps a way for you to realize how much stronger you have become. Strong to the point that once hurtful words no longer have their sting. You don’t quite remember when those words stopped having their sting. In fact, it was this incident of “offense” that helped you to see that… you have come a long way. You are stronger, you survived… and you are thriving. You rock!

That which you seek, you already have

It occurs to me that oftentimes, what I seek, is right there in front of me. I keep searching for joy and peace. But, if I stop to think, instead of going around in this treadmill of life and its norms and expectations — I find that I really already have what I seek.

The rush of life’s daily activities sometimes clouds the ability to see, that we indeed do have what we seek and, what we desire.

Slow down. Take inventory, in gratitude, of what you already have. You might be surprised at the wealth of riches you own!

What To Do If You Want To Be Happy.

Some see the word “happy” and immediately cringe on the inside because it sometimes highlights what we desire but what nonetheless, seems so unattainable. But what if “happiness” is a sense of one’s conscious efforts at working on becoming whole… the sense of being solidly human?


It came from the author of the classic,How To Make Friends And Influence People:

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hope.”

Dale Carnegie.

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A positive attitude

How To Stay Positive

Sometimes (okay, often), things do not seem to turn out the way you had planned, no matter how hard you try. Life is not a beautiful fairy tale set in a bright green forest. Regardless of where the stresses come from, it is essential to equip yourself with resources to rise above the negativity and stay positive. Maintaining a positive attitude can help alleviate stress and assist in accomplishing your objectives. When you feel like you have hit a dead end, and start to sense any negativity, stop! Take a deep breath. Here are a few tips on how to remain positive even when you are in challenging situations.

Count your blessings

Regardless how rough things are, if you think about it, you have lots of things to be grateful for. Whether it’s having a job when a lot of people are jobless, having a supportive family, or simply being in a good health. By revisiting everything you have in your life, you can’t hold on to the negativities. You will feel confident, proud and positive. There are countless things in your life that you can be thankful about.

Reward yourself – be thankful for you

When you achieve something, regardless of what it is, pat yourself in the back for the job well done. The list of ways that you can reward yourself is endless. You can reward yourself with new opportunities to explore something new or to learn something new. You can even take your friends out for coffee. A positive attitude can hardly arise if you don’t even feel great about yourself.
Be thankful for who you are. You have made it through a lot. You are a survivor.

Exercise: be active in some way

Another great way to manage stress and remain positive is by exercising on a regular basis. If you don’t exercise, try to find something that you enjoy doing such as swimming, biking, playing golf, playing tennis, or going for a walk. Breathing exercise can also help alleviate stress. Breathing has been proven to help manage stress, and can help a lot in countless situations.

Take time out

If all you think about is work, you can easily be overwhelmed by stress. Be sure to give yourself time off and read a book, listen to music or do whatever it is that you find relaxing. You can also go out with your family and friends. This will help you remain focused and positive when you are on your work station. You will ultimately thank yourself for it.


Staying positive in a challenging environment comes down to having a good attitude about life. I agree it is rarely “sunshine and roses,” but life is precious. And, anything of value is worth the effort to appreciate and to enjoy. Choose life.

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