Navigator, Chapter 25 (Finale Part 2 of 2) A Sunday Story

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Immune to the blast from the gilded gauntlet…

Immediately…Baphomet in his severed body parts as Legion quickly seized the opportunity to leech energy from the gilded gauntlet’s shock wave to “collect” himself into his goat-head mask form.

He glanced at Isabella, Metty, and Urthe still unconscious from the energy shockwave emitting from the gilded gauntlet, and smirked.

Floating over to the gilded gauntlet in the darkness above Stonehenge, Baphomet tried to grab the gilded gauntlet to fasten it to his right wrist.

However, each of Baphomet’s attempts was thwarted as the gilded gauntlet swished and swooshed around his outstretched left hand skillfully, alluding his grasp as if it was “possessed” by some spiritual force that even his clairvoyance could not see…

…It was the army of Isabella’s ancestors who, sensing that Isabella was unconscious came to her aid from their battle at ground level at Stonehenge below.

Ten thousand strong, they rushed soaring into the sky unaffected by the sound shock waves for they were alive in their spirit/soul forms.

Banding together as one being, Isabella’s ancestors immediately combined their iridium swords into one shield. The iridium shield precluded the gilded gauntlet from the ancient magic Baphomet had cast upon it to force the divine instrument to obey his commands.


Archangel Michael exits Earth’s secret second core carrying a prison cell already aware that the gilded gauntlet had been activated.

The cell was an enchanted cuboid. No doors were visible. It was a small unassuming object almost like a Tonka toy semi-truck trailer in Archangel Michael’s hands.

Deeply concerned that Isabella, Metty, and Urthe were floating in the sky unconscious, Archangel Michael whispered in the spirit to them, his lips did not move:

“Get up!!”

Hearing Archangel Michael whisper, Isabella awoke first from the effects of the blast from the shock wake created in the sky above Stonehenge.

Metty, her guardian angel, awoke next. And he nudged Urthe out of her unconscious slumber.

Then the three floated in the darkness above Stonehenge.

It was then that Isabella saw them…

Her ancestors unshielded themselves from their spiritual cloaks. Their faces glowed bluish-white.

In unison, they held aloft the iridium shield, anticipating Baphomet’s moves, in a cosmic game of chicken.

Then Isabella felt a sound rise from within her body, she could not tell from where. It sounded like many voices speaking as one…she assumed correctly, that it was her ancestors, coaching her next steps.

Flying at a speed she did not know she possessed, Isabella lifted her flaming sword and rested it in the bouche (a space carved out at the top of a shield to allow the warrior to place a lance or sword atop the shield while in battle) atop the iridium shield her ancestors had crafted with their iridium swords.

Then, Isabella took the shield of her ancestors in one hand, releasing her double grip on the sword.

With the iridium shield in one hand to protect her from any further shockwaves from the gilded gauntlet, Isabella spun whirling Dirvesh-style and struck the gilded gauntlet twice with her flaming sword.

The gilded gauntlet, looking like a falling star, exploded into three parts. The orange fireball explosion lit up the darkened midday sky…but not for long…

In a bizarre turn of events…

Isabella’s flaming sword was snuffed out by the force of the explosion. Its flames went out for good…never to return.

Isabella watched devastated as her once flaming sword that she had carried about in her half-human half-angel bloodstream went completely dark.

Straight away, a gust of strange wind pulled the sword from Isabella’s hand. Then, the once flaming sword was taken up into the heavens in some sort of inexplicable wormhole that formed briefly, and only long enough for the sword to disappear from view, forever.

“What’s happening! Metty, Urthe, help me keep the gilded gauntlet parts separated!” Isabella called out. Her heart was torn between her grief at the loss of the flaming sword and the immediacy of the world’s pending peril.

Wasting no time…

Metty swung his name-branded “Methuselah” sword skillfully at a one-third portion of the gilded gauntlet. It fought back enthusiastically hell-bent on uniting with its severed partitions.

Metty ducked and swung, changing his position often, matching wits with the swift movements and darting pace of the piece of the gilded gauntlet attempting to get around him.

At the same time, Isabella using her ancestors’ iridium swords-shield swerved, bobbed, and weaved in the sky along with her other two companions, adeptly keeping the thirds of the gilded gauntlet from unification.

Urthe held one part of the gilded gauntlet at bay with a barrage of lava-blown “kisses.” However, each time she blew a “kiss,” the gilded gauntlet piece under her charge would melt and then reform, larger.

“Holy F_@K $h#_t! What’s happening?” Urthe asked Archangel Michael, who was creeping up slowly behind Baphomet in the sky above Stonehenge.

“Lava is food/energy to it. Try your other thing…you know!” Whispered Archangel Michael to Urthe in the spirit.

Then, Urthe outstretched her hands to the heavens and called to The Sun…

“Anuma! (Meaning —”Target me!”)

Then suddenly, a solar flare, the size of a basketball, jettisoned from the sky and lit up the entire region of Stonehenge in Wiltshire piercing the dimming darkness with cosmic candle lumens.

Moving swiftly, Urthe positioned herself to catch the smoldering dripping solar flare…but not before she called out to Isabella:

“Look out…Coming in hot! I will need your shield… throw it to me in one..two…three…”

As Isabella threw her ancestors’ iridium shield—Urthe caught it as the solar flare caressed Urthe’s hand like it was alive and “knew” her. Her estranged “father” Lucifer had melded Urthe’s DNA helix with that of the Nabatean Sun Worshiper bloodline.

In an instant…Urthe lobbed the bit of smoldering solar flare at the piece of the gilded gauntlet over which she had battled.

Isabella rushed to join Urthe under the protective cover of the massive iridium sword shield.

Then as expected…an explosion rocked the sky and the ground below…

Screams could be heard from ground level as the sky over Stonehenge erupted and the piece of the gilded gauntlet under Urthe’s watch, imploded like a dying star going supernova!

It was like fireworks super-sized in the sky. The part of the gilded gauntlet as it died…for it was alive after a fashion …expunged an energy charge that would have caused great devastation if were not for the iridium-sword shield’s containment of the blast.

Without a break in the action…

As the darkness that had fallen over the Earth turned to a disoriented earth tremor…

And, as the light from a third piece of the gauntlet’s explosion smoldered into a creepy emptiness of the kind that was felt more than it was something descriptive…

…A voice spoke!

The voice seemed to originate from everywhere…and yet from nowhere at the same time.

It shook like Jello, the hearts of everyone who heard it— humans below and angels above. Even Baphomet froze, cowering at the voice’s power, as it mentioned his name specifically.

It was like the sound of many waters. It had a deep resonance like a fountain, rippling. The voice spoke for all to hear; but addressed its speech to Baphomet.

The voice quoted The Epic of Gilgamesh. The words translated were as follows:

Life, which you look for, you will never find.”

Then, somehow, while speaking the voice formed into giant hands, gleaming a delicate white like morning glory. The voice while speaking these words and with the formed hand…

… took the two remaining parts of the gilded gauntlet and ground them into dust. The dust fell harmlessly to the ground at Stonehenge, alighting atop the myriad of stone monuments, and there the gilded gauntlet’s dust remains, even unto this day.

Then…the Sun came out again…

Seizing the moment with Baphomet still cowering…

Archangel Michael threw the minuscule-looking semi-truck trailer object in Baphomet’s direction…

Baphomet tried to run, to vanish into another dimension but without the gilded gauntlet, he had no escape.

He froze in indecision…

The miniature Tonka-looking tractor-trailer grew in size and changed shape.

…It changed into a hovering spinning cube about the size of Baphomet‘s form with little wiggle room for him once he was contained therein…

The “bars” were not like those of a normal jail cell.

The “bars” were double-edged swords that were roughly Baphomet’s height (the height of The Eiffel Tower).

Each blade had emblazoned on it somehow, the entirety of all the sacred texts on the topic of the last days/end times—a topic that goes by many names:

It has been called: “The Second coming” by some, or The Hour by others, The battle of Gog and Magog, Vishnu returning from Vaikuntha, and Thor opening Valhalla’s Hall into Elysium one last time.

Then, inexplicably… the alphabets of all known languages of the world suddenly appeared in the sky all around Isabella, Metty, Urthe, Archangel Michael (hidden), and Baphomet. It was like sitting in a planetarium immersed in three-D effects on all sides.

Then the same hand that crushed the gilded gauntlet’s two parts, used the alphabet characters to write in the sky, in the blink of an eye, all of the ancient prayers known and unknown for vanquishing evil spirits from this realm…And the last line, flashing in red letters read as follows:

And deliver us from the evil one…

Then the hand that crushed the gilded gauntlet’s two parts formed the prayers into a door for the cell and its key. Then the hand vanished.

Meanwhile, the key opened the cell door.

Next in an eerie unsettling silence… the key hovered outside “the cell,” waiting…

Then the moment Archangel Michael awaited had arrived…

He snuck up behind Baphomet and with one blow from his hammer, whacked him on his goat head mask.

Startled, Baphomet tumbled into the cell “arse over tea kettle.” The key slammed the door shut and locked it.

Then… the key vanished.

Baphomet’s screams could be heard as the cell tumbled downward and vanished into the secret second core of the Earth.

Metty and Isabella were joined in the sky by Urthe. She was coughing and sneezing bits of fire and hot lava…

Metty looked at Urthe. He blurted out what Isabella was thinking but was too polite to vocalize:

“What’s up with the mini dragon effect?” Metty asked Urthe.

“Ahchoo…I’m allergic to direct solar energy flares…this is how, how how…Ahchoo!..I get for a while after I play with the Sun’s direct energy.” Urthe replied, still sneezing bits of fire and lava and giggling.

Isabella busted out laughing saying:

“If I had one, I’d offer you a tissue, but you would light it on fire before it was of any use to you.”

All three glided to the ground at Stonehenge, laughing. Archangel Michael vanished. Urthe went back to her form as the nine-year-old at the lemonade and fruit stand.

Metty looked at Isabella knowingly…

“You had no choice kiddo. You said you were willing to pay the price.”

“Yes, I know.”

“It, the flaming sword, I mean, was a great weight to carry for twenty-eight years of my life. I am relieved that it did what it was ordained to do. I feel humbled to have been chosen to be part of that.”

“You are taking the loss of the sword well, kiddo. Don’t you miss it?”

‘Yes. But to be brutally honest. I feel lighter now somehow. As though I just unhooked a huge hiking backpack. And, I think, I’m not sure but I think my other abilities, just ten-x-ed. I did just float/fly down from the sky without wings…How cool is that!”

“Want some lemonade?” Metty asked, trying to change the subject as people began filing past them, now that the two were at ground level at Stonehenge.

“Aren’t you going to disappear for another, oh say, what was it, fifty years, like the last time?”

“Nah, this time, I have been ordered from up there,” said Metty as he looked heavenward “… I’ve been ordered to stick with you for a while.”

“Now, how about that lemonade?”

“To be honest,” Isabella replied, smiling. “I’ve been making a lot of “lemonade” lately from all the lemons life has thrown me. How about some really strong coffee instead, my friend?”

The End

****Coming Next Sunday “Jetfuel,” A Sunday Story.****


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Resilient – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors

Central Doors, West Facade Reims Cathedral, France. Image credit:


embroidered in time with

an angel’s smile


Built atop Roman bath houses from the 2nd century, its High Gothic 13th-century construction considered the masterpiece of that architectural style, and one of five Gothic churches forming an outer circle surrounding modern-day Paris, France—stands Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral (Reims Cathedral).

The solid wooden central doors of the West facade are surrounded by beyond-life-sized stone figures and “embroidered” stone carvings depicting the life of Mary, Mother of Jesus from the Annunciation to the birth of Christ.

Closeup detail of the wood grain of the featured doors and the solid iron latch on the inside of the door (below).

Wood Door Latch: Central Door, Reims Cathedral. Image credit: beyondthewindowbox

In modern times, a smaller door has been carved in these large doors to allow ease of access to open the larger door from the inside.

The massive stone-carved figures surrounding the doors featured above were originally in full color.

Trivia: Famous as the coronation cathedral of 30+ French kings since 1100 AD, and greeting 1 million visitors annually, Reims Cathedral houses the second most statues in any cathedral, with a staggering 2,303 figures.

One particular stone statute— the “smiling angel” (circa 1236; restored 1926) located above the north portal doors (image below) —is famous in its own right, having been seriously damaged during WW1.

Nothing short of herculean restoration efforts over a decade was undertaken to restore the statue. It was reinstalled into the portal on 13 February 1926. Reims Cathedral’s stone angel, her engaging smile, and her story have become symbols of resilience.

The Smiling Angel, North Portal, West Facade Reims Cathedral. Image credit: Wikimedia CC

Wider Angles Reims Cathedral below:

Flying buttresses on the right, Reims Cathedral. Image credit: Guy Dugas | Pixabay
Reims Cathedral, France. Image credit:


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By Teresa: My camera and I

Navigator, Chapter 24 (Finale Part 1), A Sunday Story

Image credit: © LovePik

Chapter 24 – The Finale, Part 1 of 2

Baphomet still in the form of Legion and his body separated into three parts, floated eerily in the sky above Stonehenge.

Desperate and using his last power Baphomet or Legion if you will, tried to command his gilded gauntlet hand…

But… Before he could speak, Archangel Michael, using his massive five-meter-long hammer, whacked both Baphomet/Legion arms clean off his dangling torso.

Now, the gilded gauntlet levitated and oddly seemed to take on a “life” of its own… but no one noticed… except Baphomet.

Isabella looked at Archangel Michael; his form now glowing in its entirety, the power of the Universe attending spiritually to his every need.

“Archangel Michael, shall I vanquish the gilded gauntlet or call for the prison cell for him?”

Asked Isabella as she pointed her flaming sword in the direction of Baphomet/Legion‘s floating body parts.

“You will help with the gilded gauntlet. I will fetch a prison cell. Please, keep a close watch on Baphomet. He is stalling for time so that the gauntlet can show its true form and do what it was created to do.”

“What do you mean show its true form?” Isabella asked.

meanwhile Baphomet/Legion was now in the background, his severed head floating creepily in the sky mumbling ancient occult prayers unintelligibly.

“Remember. I sent you a messenger to whisper the secret to you when you were a child one night as you prayed for God to show you how the Earth was formed, remember?”

“Oh my God, I thought that was just a bedtime story, Uriel, my guardian angel at the time, told me to help me fall asleep.

Isabella stammers from the shock that grips the soul when it resonates with truth-speaking.

She asked, “You mean, you mean that that gilded gauntlet is the gauntlet?”

“Yes, stolen by Baphomet/Legion here and crafted by his ancient magic to give himself more power to appear as “God”…to unsuspecting lifeforms across galaxies. We can not let that gilded gauntlet form into…”

Isabella interrupted Archangel Michael and completed his sentence from what she now remembered from that which was told to her as a child.

“…into the instrument of God. The one He chose to use to cause the cataclysm that wiped out the dinosaurs in the last Earth age; and then spoke “light” into the same instrument forming the new Earth garden we now live on.”

“Yes, your earth science refers to it as “the big bang”…Behold the instrument of “the big bang!” Said Archangel Michael pointing to the gilded gauntlet with a swoosh of his right wing extended briefly.

“Holy sh×@$t! Oh, sorry about that. Excuse my language, Archangel Michael.”

“No worries, nothing I haven’t heard working with Urthe, you met her earlier at the fruit and lemonade stand.”

“Oh, that was the Urthe, The Watcher. She looked smaller than her portrayal in Druid legend /lore!”

“Ha, that was just one of her shape-shifted forms. Humans welcome children as angelic “helpers” but not so much …a twelve-foot-tall (3.6 meters) female lava-breathing giant, who had been kidnapped at birth by Lucifer, and her DNA manipulated, in his vain attempt to create his own “spawn.”

“Oh, wow! What a lineage.”

“But, God intervened in the sordid affair just before the child, Urthe’s transformation…” Archangel Michael continued:

“And He put His mark upon her to protect her from her now “father” Lucifer. She was raised by ancient Druids with much angelic assistance, myself included.”

“And, oh, look..!”

Said Archangel Michael watching Urthe approaching from below.

“…my protégé comes.”

He then smiled as he flew downward diving as only he can, deep into the Earth beneath Stonehenge to retrieve a prison cell from the depths beneath the stone monuments.

Meanwhile, Urthe floated vertically at her top speed, just below Marc 1, and joined Isabella skyward near Baphomet/Legion, in a flash.

Urthe slowed her speed and floated beside Isabella, still as the hilt of her flaming sword. Then Metty joined them in the midday sky.

As the three hovered over the pieces of Baphomet/Legion, Isabella’s empathic senses gave her great cause for concern. Her “gut” told her that something terrible was about to happen. She could feel it, sense it in her bones. She decided to share what she knew and felt. But before she could speak…

The gilded gauntlet began wobbling like a spinning top released from tightly wound twine.

It began to speed up…

Baphomet (his severed head as part of Legion), still mumbled silently. His lips moved feverishly as he watched his dismembered limbs floating eerily close by.

Baphomet glanced quickly at the gilded gauntlet, hoping that Isabella, Urthe, and Metty, her guardian angel—did not notice his (Baphomet) quick glance at the object.

The three now hovering high above Stonehenge did not hear Baphomet whisper the command to the gilded gauntlet.

Isabella, Metty, and Urthe did not hear the severed head of Baphomet whisper that word. The one word that brought the gilded gauntlet “to life” in its true form.

And so, they did not hear… when Baphomet uttered that word softly:

“…Bereshit (meaningGenesis)!”


The force of a shockwave the size of a ten-megaton bomb rocked the sky above Stonehenge…

Light emitted from the gilded gauntlet propelled energy waves outward in rainbow-colored concentric circles.

The brightly colored circles created a sound like none heard before…the sound of a small part of the dimension between space and time…starting to fold in on itself.

… It was like the sound of a great thunder coming from 26 Formula I engines revving at once. Somehow the decibels were being sucked into the vortex that the sound itself was creating…


…There came a deep moan…

It seemed to be rising up from the Earth!

And, it was a sound unlike anything anyone alive had heard before…

It was like the sound of AUM (OM) chanted by eight billion voices spoken as one spirit-voice, an SOS, to an infinite Universe of a million worlds from a million lifetimes.

An eerie terrifying silence gripped the hearts of the three stunned onlookers in the sky (Isabella, Metty, and Urthe).

And then without warning…

The shock wave knocked unconscious everyone (Isabella, Metty, and Urthe) in close proximity to the now gleaming spinning gilded gauntlet in the sky above Stonehenge.


It went dark…everywhere!

***To be CONCLUDED in the Finale Part 2 Next Week***


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