September Longings – A Poem

Kingfisher – Image by DerWeg from Pixabay

September longings jump thought courses,

Like equestrian trails to Andalusian horses.

Enticed by cool air, dreams unsheathe plows,

To seed sacrifices sown with sweated brows.

Autumn grazes in expectant hills of harvest,

Their first fruits, worldly sanctuaries at best.

But, like the true hover of the kingfisher;

Only one sanctuary lasts forever.

Boatswain’s Oar – A Poem

Image by njbateman526 from Pixabay

Seasonal helms of thanksgiving; a boatswain’s oar,

Steady decks of cruise-ships tossed in life’s candor.

Unspoken kindness; compassion’s dwindling paddle

Reaps a surging ocean ride on discomfort’s saddle.

Blanket might-have-beens; driftwood to the soul,

Wring moisture from the leaves in comfort’s bowl.

Philosopher’s stones rubbing the sands of the wise,

Return diamonds as grace clasps in strings of pearls.

En-gedi – A Poem

Image from the Video by Thomas Breher from Pixabay

Its floor, our universe home

Acacias of camphor its beams

Its rooftops, the cosmic stars

Nailed on interstellar rafters.

Our footprints safely hidden

In the vineyards of En-gedi,

Watered by eternal lush wadis.

Earth – heaven’s Sensurround,

Our world our cosmic retreat:

Called to everyone,

Before time began,

Before we were one,

Nature replied for us

From the abyss;

In whale song.

Mustard Yellow – A Poem

Painted facades in racing stripes once a summer rouge,

Now travelers and landscape sport a mustard yellow hue.

Street lines etch golden filigree in the diamond asphalt.

Dividing traffic’s to and fro with its citrine watermark.

Triathlon charioteers sporting yellow swoosh joggers

Jockey uphill, corn-yellow bikes in herculean fervor.

Spectator trees hold aloft their winged plumage

Of ripening branches in agate yellow,

Awaiting their yearly pilgrimage,

To offer their golden leaves as

Gilding to the ground below.

Hovering leaflets – A Poem

Image by Evgeni Tcherkasski from Pixabay

Autumn, the earth’s introspection

Honoring the terrestrial womb of inception

Summer skyward points light unsheathe;

Fall plummets, covering what lies beneath

Precious few notes capture fall’s sheaves

Like the sound of treading on dried leaves

Dispensed by Summer’s exit strategy, as she

Tosses leaf invitations like betrothal confetti.

The hovering leaflets – earring danglers,

Nimble Gaia plucks from the ether,

One by one, to adorn her fall couture.

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