Chowder – A Poem

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Corn, clams, veggies and spuds – Chowder;

Wrapped in each recipe’s culinary enigma.

Wood ladles – scepters of the food empire,

Temper roux, gastronomy’s pale mixture,

Pouring heaven in mother sauce nectar,

From Winter’s comfort pot and warmer.

150 Days – A Poem

Image by brigachtal from Pixabay

The fountains broke on the earth, one hundred and fifty days.

Then – a token given, a promise made, as the waters assuaged.

Clouds and earth given a promissory note;

A keepsake bracelet

With rainbow charms;

Dangling reminders of the new unbreakable covenant.

“Drop The Delusion…”

“Drop the delusion that you have become old or diseased, or that you have become weak and debilitated. Some people begin to count the years and grieve over advancing age… But remember, elation is heaven… Have always some work to do, and do it well that you will get joy.”

― Sathya Sai Baba

Soul Petals – A Poem

Image by Norman Nuthu from Pixabay

Eternal rosebud on the tree of life; the human soul,

Unfolds its petals to love; the divine gardener’s trowel.

Nourished and fertilized with the elixir of inner peace,

Thriving on trellises of contentment, serenity and grace.

Equator – A Poem

Equator Line Monument, Macapa, Brazil – Image By Jorge Andrade Uploaded by Kobac, CC BY 2.0,

The Equator pens with its protractor – the earth’s axis,

Dinner invitations to the hemispheres and poles.

North and South; those equidistant cousins,

Chilly polar opposites, keep the frozen truce.

Thus, on Artic winds, inscribe their icy regrets,

As they glacial their palace for the Winter solstice.

Silhouettes – A Poem

Image by Hamsterfreund from Pixabay

Golden silhouettes tip the skies at sunset,

Making coins from marooned leafy corsets;

Leaves clinging to branches, with their might

Like spray-starched limbs on a favorite shirt.

Mounds of snow, twirling leafy windmills,

Cast shadows of victory flags on Zion’s hill.

Travelers on the beach in the cool of night

Delight in the company of their silhouette;

Following footsteps in the shadows of giants.

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