Smoothies- A stream of Unconscious Poem

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Satisfying ready to drink put any fruit vegetable herb spice blend ’til smooth breakfast brunch-anilla anything with vanilla do it yourself smooshed juice milk water or yogurt in a blender.

Pink lemonade wild rice lemon nutella chiffon pudding meringue pie smoothie with grated lemon poutine gravy flavored almond milk pineapple with a whole raw red onions for crunch.

Cheetos toasted bean sprouts rice crispy treats pickle pineapple jasmine rosemary elderberry because elderberry is a spring flower it being spring now lavender chamomile cinnamon bun smoothie.

– Sultry sensations for the extinguished oh sorry that should read “distinguished,” palate – spell check had a monument there.

Spanish Lavender – A Poem

Image by RD LH from Pixabay

Trip to the grocery store

Paused in mid stride, to admire

Fragrant pots of Spanish lavender.

Clearly a captivating crowd-pleaser,

As the lineup also came to an abrupt halt,

While shoppers consider the plant.

Meanwhile, to the dismay of the orderly crowd,

Someone spontaneously,

Read the growing instructions out loud.

Space the plants apart in a row

To give them room to grow.

Prune in Fall and trim in Spring.

A room full of aroma, plucked bouquets bring.

Keep their ‘feet’ dry but water well.

The more heat they receive

The more fragrant the blooms smell.

The candles of spring – A Poem

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Tulips, the candles of spring.

Their blue, white and red blooms flicker

In the cool breeze,

An enchantment to the eyes.

But their true mystery lies

Deep in the dark,

Where nutrient orbs,

Withstand winter’s plight,

And fuel their upward journey to the light.

An ode to those we admire – A Poem

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

They are mothers, forefathers, mentors, warriors, and loved ones:

Who conquered obstacles in the kingdoms of darkness,

Who by their integrity and often, without words,

Quenched the flames of idle rumors.

They traveled miles on foot, by boat, or by plane.

They made do with meager rations –

So that we might gain a far better life.

So that together with the legacy of their deeds,

We may inherit and live in a brighter future,

Than they had ever known.

Slow dancing with the Sun – A Poem

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

The Sun at Dawn’s gate opens

To a rainbow of earthly gardens.

Chandelier cotton clouds sparkle,

Slow dancing with the Sun at noon.

Sunset lifts its copper shield towards the horizon,

Where the silken shadows of the deep – the night, falls.

Mortal expression of Eternity – A Poem

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

But we are children of The light,

The flames of the universe.

Moonbeams and stardust sparkle in our eyes;

Their distant closeness – our mortal expression of eternity.

Ice Cream Delight? – A stream of Unconscious poem

White cabbage patch – Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

French vanilla cookies ‘n cream cabbage flavored chocolate chip Mondays Rocky road heavenly mint hash tangy tomato Tuesdays.

What more can be said of watercress waffle walnut Wednesdays or Butter pecan licorice garlic horseradish bacon ice cream Thursdays or daring dried kale rhubarb scented sprinkles on syrupy radish Sundaes – unusual sweet sensations with a savory flare.

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