Love’s Butter – A Poem

Image by jeffreyw from

Ah! Breakfast – homemade bread, butter melting,

Steamy oven door – a fly peeks in napkin wearing

Attracted by the pheromones of this warm suitor,

Giddy and dizzy from flour’s undulating aroma,

Steadying itself as it swoons on a pad of butter.

Mounted expedition to save it from the butter,

Allowed the fly to flutter free out the shutters,

To pitter patter, on another’s bread and butter.

The Ladder – A Poem

Jacob’s Ladder flowers- Image by Petra Göschel from Pixabay

Uplifting branches, splintering, never straight; life’s ladder

Spindled from trees near the descendants of Jacob’s ladder.

Simple to assemble, complex in usage; tiered Occam’s razor.

Wooden railing, nursery bumpers in the cradle of humanity,

Ever faithful to silent majesty keeping secrets for posterity.

Generations thrive in salvation’s houses on its ringed tiers,

Laying wooden mattress foundations buttressing the years,

Its rungs, pallbearer resurrected dreams from stone wadis,

Transporting archangels of assurance into shadow valleys.

Hand Sanitizer – A Poem

Image by Mr. Satterly from Wikipedia.

Wouldn’t it be lovely when, upon arriving

At the entrance to a local department store,

To there be greeted by puzzled customers,

Unable to enter during its prescribed hours.

As each person crossed the store’s threshold

They were “greeted” by, a fellow customer, who

It appears, just hired himself as store greeter

To ration the store’s touch-less hand sanitizer,

Demanding that each of his fellow customers

Apply sanitizer to his exacting descriptors,

Amid the consternation and embarrassment,

Of the staff and Security of the establishment.

Later on, perhaps from an inspired epiphany

He trotted out many unrequited contritions;

Choice compliments, to his fellow customers,

On the “beauty” of their mask/ face covers.

Sapling – A Poem

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Earth’s globe, blossomed sapling in the tree of life,

Upholding humanity’s offspring in noble archetype.

Its Elysian fountain bark; the destroyer of sorrows,

Supports keepsake trellises where empathy grows;

Staking sanctuaries in solitude’s stemmed embrace,

Every twig, a sturdy foothold in the immortal race.

Its vines bridging both sides of the heavenly river,

With roots buried deep, long ago and far in Havilah.

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