28-5 – A Short Story

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A short story in 100 words~~~~~~~~~~~~ He’d been driving around the block for over an hour mustering the courage to knock on the door at 28-5. He shuddered; his stomach churning in knots. He was certain this was the address he decrypted from the note the server gave him at the restaurant. That heContinue reading “28-5 – A Short Story”

Anointed Angel – A Poem

Carried on the wings of an anointed angel To the heavenly fortress where all rest. Where neither Sheol nor Abbadon exists. Bejeweled fortress, a citadel alive forever. Its gates, fastened onto immortal pearls Glistening in jade, jacinth and emeralds; Wherein the soul’s eternal flame abides, Beholding forever, in absolute wonder The iridescent face Of theContinue reading “Anointed Angel – A Poem”

Tales of Giants – A Poem

There are woodlands alive with the Cedars of Lebanon Primeval forest watering untrodden gardens of Babylon: Mist-muffled bark whispering tales of giants, Nephilim, Immortalizing trees extinct and alive in Earth’s anthem. That well-worn path is not the way in; but, the way out. For all who enter, enter only through imagination’s sap, Feeling the coolContinue reading “Tales of Giants – A Poem”