Anointed Angel – A Poem

Carried on the wings of an anointed angel To the heavenly fortress where all rest. Where neither Sheol nor Abbadon exists. Bejeweled fortress, a citadel alive forever. Its gates, fastened onto immortal pearls Glistening in jade, jacinth and emeralds; Wherein the soul’s eternal flame abides, Beholding forever, in absolute wonder The iridescent face Of theContinue reading “Anointed Angel – A Poem”

Tales of Giants – A Poem

There are woodlands alive with the Cedars of Lebanon Primeval forest watering untrodden gardens of Babylon: Mist-muffled bark whispering tales of giants, Nephilim, Immortalizing trees extinct and alive in Earth’s anthem. That well-worn path is not the way in; but, the way out. For all who enter, enter only through imagination’s sap, Feeling the coolContinue reading “Tales of Giants – A Poem”

Survival Mode – A Poem ~Sadje’s What Do You See

Clinging to survival mode on the streets of life. Those nights alone in the wasteland; a cold companion in neon lights, Hugging despair in handfuls of Indigo shadows. Floodwaters of anguish; rusted iron grills consuming fortunes’ fires, Wading weary limbs, on repeat, clinging to quicksand in quagmires, With nowhere to go but the homeless marginsContinue reading “Survival Mode – A Poem ~Sadje’s What Do You See”

Love’s Empire – A Poem ~Sadje’s What Do You See 71

The Sun never sets on the invincible talisman of love’s empire, Where memory wears a locket adorning two hearts forever. Where Montagues and Capulets eclipse beyond Shakespeare, Elevating love to a universe beyond drama, sonnets or theatre. Where chrysanthemums propose in symmetrical infinity pools, Where, instead of spires, love’s devotion crafts the heart-walls Of anContinue reading “Love’s Empire – A Poem ~Sadje’s What Do You See 71”

What If? – A Poem ~ Sadje’s What do you see 70

What if: A crooked house, straight, Upside down is right side up, The unseen is the real reality, The narrow road, a boulevard, Surrender, the real victory flag Plugged-in, truth unplugged, Arrived, a stop along the way, Thirst hunger, hunger thirst. The high road, the low road climbing Wading life’s waters is not sinking; ButContinue reading “What If? – A Poem ~ Sadje’s What do you see 70”

Talon – A Short Story ~Sadje’s What do you see 69

It was midnight. She had searched desperately. But she could not find him. He was always by her side. Her closest friend was no where to be found. She was grief stricken. What’s more, she had that sinking feeling that comes only in the despair of darkness, that she too might be lost. Lost inContinue reading “Talon – A Short Story ~Sadje’s What do you see 69”

It is always Summer – A Poem ~Sadje’s What do you see

Graceful floating flamingo tall ships bloom Their green hulls, gentle ponds lakes festoon. Then light, walking on water softly whispers, ‘Wherever imagination blooms a lotus flower In the mind’s eye; It is always Summer, there.’ **** Written for Sadje’s What do you see 68 #WDYS #Whatdoyousee