The Lost Hat – A Short Story – WDYS #116

“Now where did I put my new hat?” sighed Kayla rummaging through the bushes around her feet. “Mother will be rather cross if I come home without it. I must get home, it will be dark soon.” Desperate, Kayla fretted for a moment, and then an idea came to mind. “Maybe,” thought Kayla to herself,Continue reading “The Lost Hat – A Short Story – WDYS #116”

Lioness – A Short Story -WDYS #115

I am an ancient lioness before the world was new, hunting and gathering in the shadows of elephants in the Maasai Mara, clawing out a living to keep my children alive. Living day-to-day in a cobblestone-like land, its bricks baked into an oven by an unrelenting sun that remembers the songs of dinosaurs— I dream.Continue reading “Lioness – A Short Story -WDYS #115”