The Cabin – A Poem

Ancestral notched cabin raised on planked risers. Hewn from trees in the wooded acre, held together By the chinking material of the family’s bonded tether. Heated by a fired resolve, buffeted by candle lights Where night skies turned stars into porch-lights, Where living as simply as possible was cabin entry, Into tranquility’s door with contentment,Continue reading “The Cabin – A Poem”

Wish I Could Sew – A Poem

I wish I could sew, O don’t you know. Stubbin’ my noggin, To thread a bobbin. Notions, ideas with darted plans, Patterns origami to my hands. Admire seamstresses my friend, Unsung expertise in fabric land. Therefore, measure me thimbles, Of applique sequined syllables, To pin poorly rhymed metres, Of inappropriate metaphors, Into A-line of hauteContinue reading “Wish I Could Sew – A Poem”