Towers – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors

winds change currents shifting eras ebbing tides towers by the sea ~~~~ Considered one of, if not, the last of the great cathedrals built in the Baroque style in Spain; Cadiz Cathedral ‘by the Sea’ was the first to incorporate the new Rocco influence in its construction (circa 1722 – 1838 AD). The featured woodenContinue reading “Towers – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors”

Unfinished – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors

tabernacled doors the past —unfinished towers looming from great heights **** Built atop the ruins of Moorish temples, constructed over 254 years, and still unfinished stands the massive jewel of Andalusia, Santa Iglesia Catedral Basílica de la Encarnación (Malaga Cathedral.) Construction began in 1528 and was “stopped” in 1782. Main door – West Entrance, MalagaContinue reading “Unfinished – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors”

Safe Haven – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors

ancient cornerstone becomes a safe haven’s pillars doors, silver torchlights *** Famous as the resting place of the relics/remains of St. Andrew (brother of St. Peter) and the city’s patron saint stands Duomo di Amalfi on a steep incline in Solerno Italy. Originally built in the 9th century, construction and revisions continued well into theContinue reading “Safe Haven – Haiku 2023 #ThursdayDoors”

Many Doors – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors

and with many doors make a way in the wilderness beacons in darkness ***** This week for #ThursdayDoors we are prompted to select our favorite doors of the year. And without further ado, the top five of this blog’s favorite posted “doors” in reverse order: Number 5 -San Zeno Maggiore Basilica Verona Italy “bronze doors”Continue reading “Many Doors – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors”

Mosaic – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors

inlay dreams mosaic from imperfections— beauty offerings to kings **** Its interior gobsmackingly adorned with 6500 square meters of handcrafted mosaics mounted with 2,200 kilograms of pure gold inlays, the Monreale Cathedral, Palermo built by Sicily’s King William II (brother-in-law to England’s Richard I), was constructed from 1172 to 1267. The 7.8 meters (25 feet)Continue reading “Mosaic – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors”

Empires – Haiku 2022 – #ThursdayDoors

empires stories retold from borrowed thresholds of broken pieces **** Consecrated as a church in the fourth region of Rome since AD 527, the Basilica of Santi Cosma and Damiano situated in the Roman Forum enclosure was originally built in the 6th century (some accounts say the 2nd century). Rebuilt several times over the centuriesContinue reading “Empires – Haiku 2022 – #ThursdayDoors”

Paying it forward – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors

unlocking doors past antiquity unhinged paying it forward **** Consecrated on November 9, 318 AD, the Basilica of St. John Lateran was rebuilt in the 17th century on the heels of two major fires and looting. The basilica’s nave lies above the ruins of the fort that once housed the Roman calvary’s bodyguards (circa ADContinue reading “Paying it forward – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors”

Wonders – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors

persistence knocks longevity’s bronze doors Wonders resurrect **** These legendary bronze doors are the entrance to the Basilica of St. Mary and The Martyrs, Piazza della Rotonda, Rome. The building (more commonly known as The Pantheon) rests on the remains of two previous iterations: one burnt to the ground, and the other struck by lightning.Continue reading “Wonders – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors”

Belief – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors

when belief is key doors don’t close forever no matter how high **** St. Peter’s Basilica’s Northern entrance door (its back shown above) designed by Vico Consorti was installed on Christmas Eve 1950 to replace previous centuries-old wooden doors (circa. 1748). The door known as The Holy Door comprises 16 rectangle bronze panels depicting OldContinue reading “Belief – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors”

Altar -Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors

out of the rubble faith’s altar raises golden gothic chalices **** Built atop the ruins of an older church, Seville Cathedral, Spain began construction in the early 1400s with ongoing additions, subtractions, and revisions spanning the centuries up to the 1800s. The building is reportedly the largest gothic architecture-styled Catholic Church in the world. SevilleContinue reading “Altar -Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors”