Cairo #2 – A Sunday Short Story

~~~~~~~ A fictional mystery~~~ > Part 1 <~~~~~~ “Flight cancellations, the unchecked baggage of airline travel,” she mused as she worked on her cellphone rescheduling her travel plans. She secured one of the last remaining seats on a trip with the shortest flight time to Cairo from Gatwick International Airport. Therefore, she promptly purchased aContinue reading “Cairo #2 – A Sunday Short Story”

Cairo – A Sunday Short Story

~~~~~ A Fictional Mystery ~~~~~ It had been six weeks since her world shattered. The comfortable predictability of the routines that womb ease had vanished. Now, she was on the run. Standing at the ticket counter, the polite and professional voice across the pristine desk asked, “Any baggage to check?” Of course the answer was,Continue reading “Cairo – A Sunday Short Story”

London #5 The Finale – A Sunday Short Story

Part #I — Part #2— Part #3 —Part #4 ~~~~~~~~~~ As her cellphone continued to ring, its call display offered little information save for the words – “Private number,” an eye drop of ambiguous vapor from the ether. Christy answered. It was Jane. Before she could respond to Jane’s queries on her progress, a thunderousContinue reading “London #5 The Finale – A Sunday Short Story”

28-5 – A Short Story

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A short story in 100 words~~~~~~~~~~~~ He’d been driving around the block for over an hour mustering the courage to knock on the door at 28-5. He shuddered; his stomach churning in knots. He was certain this was the address he decrypted from the note the server gave him at the restaurant. That heContinue reading “28-5 – A Short Story”

London #4 – A Sunday Short Story

Part #I ——– Part #2——— Part #3 ~~~~~~~~~~ Jane sat back in her seat with a sigh. “Shall we take you home, Mrs Pwaroon”? Christy nodded. Jane tapped on the screen between Ketal (aka Ghost), and the back seat. Upon which, Christy was driven swiftly to her flat. As Christy left the car, Jane said,Continue reading “London #4 – A Sunday Short Story”

London Part #3 – Sunday Short Story

A fictional mystery – Links to Parts 1 and Part 2 here ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Amid Christy’s envelope epiphany, Eva suddenly slammed on the brakes. At that moment a black sports utility vehicle seemingly out of nowhere sped out in front of Eva’s car, its rear-end fishtailing, in a choreographed display meant to halt in-bound vehicle(s). Eva’sContinue reading “London Part #3 – Sunday Short Story”

London – A Sunday Short Story

A Fictional Mystery – Part I ~~~~~~~~~~ Somewhere on the edge of the invisible distance were strange footsteps. She flinched. Uneasy at their purposeful rhythm mirroring hers in London’s early morning mist. She had been hearing the sound of hunting boots, creaking on the city’s granite pavement, since she left her flat, half an hourContinue reading “London – A Sunday Short Story”

The Yukon #5 (Finale) – A Short Story

The Yukon #1 – A Short Story The Yukon #3 – A Short Story The Yukon #2 – A Short Story The Yukon #4 – A Short Story ~~~~~~~~~~ The “item” Paul had been guarding was resting on his boat the Double-Oh, when the missile struck the cabin. In all the flying debris and smoke,Continue reading “The Yukon #5 (Finale) – A Short Story”