London #4 – A Sunday Short Story

Part #I ——– Part #2——— Part #3 ~~~~~~~~~~ Jane sat back in her seat with a sigh. “Shall we take you home, Mrs Pwaroon”? Christy nodded. Jane tapped on the screen between Ketal (aka Ghost), and the back seat. Upon which, Christy was driven swiftly to her flat. As Christy left the car, Jane said,Continue reading “London #4 – A Sunday Short Story”

London Part #3 – Sunday Short Story

A fictional mystery – Links to Parts 1 and Part 2 here ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Amid Christy’s envelope epiphany, Eva suddenly slammed on the brakes. At that moment a black sports utility vehicle seemingly out of nowhere sped out in front of Eva’s car, its rear-end fishtailing, in a choreographed display meant to halt in-bound vehicle(s). Eva’sContinue reading “London Part #3 – Sunday Short Story”

London – A Sunday Short Story

A Fictional Mystery – Part I ~~~~~~~~~~ Somewhere on the edge of the invisible distance were strange footsteps. She flinched. Uneasy at their purposeful rhythm mirroring hers in London’s early morning mist. She had been hearing the sound of hunting boots, creaking on the city’s granite pavement, since she left her flat, half an hourContinue reading “London – A Sunday Short Story”

The Yukon #5 (Finale) – A Short Story

The Yukon #1 – A Short Story The Yukon #3 – A Short Story The Yukon #2 – A Short Story The Yukon #4 – A Short Story ~~~~~~~~~~ The “item” Paul had been guarding was resting on his boat the Double-Oh, when the missile struck the cabin. In all the flying debris and smoke,Continue reading “The Yukon #5 (Finale) – A Short Story”

The Yukon #4 – A Short Story

Two paths lay in front of him. Paul was about to choose one of them. Each offered danger from its bitter chalice. One path led to his Winter rest stop cabin. A frequent trail for Brown bears, muskox and moose. The other led to his emergency canoe, hidden on the edge of his property. TheContinue reading “The Yukon #4 – A Short Story”

The Yukon #3 – A Short Story

Danger surrounded him. Paul entered the Yukon forest to all its possible Summer dangers: surprising a bear, stepping in a bog, falling into fast flowing water, and incurring the smallest injury, which could become life threatening, when one is alone and miles away from help. Add to the above, the possibility that his attackers mayContinue reading “The Yukon #3 – A Short Story”

The Yukon #2 – A Short Story

No sooner had he finished quickly cramming his essentials into his hiking backpack, he heard movement in the waves against the dock leading to his cabin. A boat was fast approaching. And, what sounded, to his trained ear, like its Mercury outboard engine, capable of 70 knots or 120 kilometers, would make quick work ofContinue reading “The Yukon #2 – A Short Story”

The Yukon #1 – A Short Story

He stared at the package on his cabin’s verandah on the banks of The Yukon River. Jumpy and on tenterhooks, he leaned forward to examine its label. There was none. A crumpled post-it note offered promise but, was folded over. Uncharacteristic for someone in his profession, his hands with his morning coffee mug began toContinue reading “The Yukon #1 – A Short Story”

Graveyard Shift – Sunday Short Story

It was two am. She was late! Jackie was supposed to be at work two hours ago. Work was the graveyard shift at the nearby mall as a Security Guard. Jackie jumps out of bed. Shamus her cat squeals as she steps accidentally on the tip of his tail. The cortex of darkness punctuated byContinue reading “Graveyard Shift – Sunday Short Story”