The Tailors – Chapter 4 – A Sunday Story

Introduction Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 11:11 a.m. at Triaca (Nella’s sister)’s residence, The Grandamme II, mid-city, London… “Does the Tom Ford suit fit okay…I mean the tech side of things? As you know I cannot actually check it’s capabilities.” Nella’s sister asked as she continued without waiting for an answer… “Also,Continue reading “The Tailors – Chapter 4 – A Sunday Story”

The Tailors – Chapter 3 – A Sunday Story

Introduction Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 9:11 a.m…near the back wall to London’s Baccarat Bar… The beleaguered dumpster now engulfed in flames crashed with a horrendous clamor…a stone’s throw from Nella’s right foot. Meanwhile…on the rooftop of Louis Vuitton at Harrod’s— two hundred meters from the rear of the Baccarat Bar… Peering through hisContinue reading “The Tailors – Chapter 3 – A Sunday Story”

The Tailors – Chapter 2 – A Sunday Story

Introduction Chapter 1 Chapter 2 From the very beginning, each member family of The Tailors had specific roles. The Earl’s family, with its vast fortunes, finance The Tailors‘ activities. The Colonel’s family provides leadership and strategy. Nella’s family are the armed combat specialists (otherwise known as “the muscle”). In addition, The Tailors pay Nella forContinue reading “The Tailors – Chapter 2 – A Sunday Story”

The Tailors – Chapter 1 – A Sunday Story

Introduction Chapter 1 Call it magic, miracle, or meteorology, but the winds outside Nella’s dilapidated abode have been famous for their sudden updraft columns, to the chagrin of many a fashionable hairdo, back in the day. The half-boarded up estate’s twenty-acre grounds seem to be in the middle of mysterious weather forces. Half the propertyContinue reading “The Tailors – Chapter 1 – A Sunday Story”

The Tailors – Introduction – A Sunday Story

Introduction Long ago, in the 14th century when Barons and Earls with their vast powers ruled the land not yet called, The United Kingdom, a group of men and women, not all of whom bore titles or status banded together to form a secret society. The society’s main objective was to find and bring toContinue reading “The Tailors – Introduction – A Sunday Story”

Namib – A Short Story – #WDYS 133

This strange-looking tree is alive and not dead. Legend has it that an elephant saved the life of the Nephalim, a giant that fell from the sky eons ago. Centuries later, when the mighty floods that were written of in the Nag Hamadi came over the land, and after the ill-fated deluge subsided, this onceContinue reading “Namib – A Short Story – #WDYS 133”

The Sublime – A Short Story – #Eugi’s Weekly

One hundred sixty kilometers west of a village called Nah, lies an enchanted oasis ruled by a powerful Werehyena—a shapeshifter, who could take on the persona of animals at will. His best and most fearsome visage was that of a stag, which the locals called, “The Sublime.” Its massive rack, five meters high festooned hisContinue reading “The Sublime – A Short Story – #Eugi’s Weekly”

The Pink Phone – A Short Story #WDYS 129

Its saccharin ringing pierced her quiet time with a bitter aftertaste. It was the third time this morning that the disconnected old pink phone on her cluttered nightstand in Dayjah’s tranquil cottage on the Louisiana bayou rang. It was three in the morning. Dayjah wanted time to meditate before… what was to come later today,Continue reading “The Pink Phone – A Short Story #WDYS 129”

Storm – Episode 2 – A Short Story

Prologue Episode 1 Episode 2 While Storm performed her barista duties to perfection, brewing Cinnamon and Mrs. Sapna’s specialty coffees; the two women stirred up fresh grinds on San Francisco’s latest Internet celebrities, their favorite barista Storm and her husband Helios Nott. Waiting in effervescent silence shifting gleefully in her seat until Storm had servedContinue reading “Storm – Episode 2 – A Short Story”

Lithium (Finale) – A Sunday Story

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Nestled and hunkered down in the back seat of the Fiat Panda, Lithium opened the getaway package that Mr. A. had prepared. Thoughtfully, Mr. A. had provided all the essentials the former elite assassin turned spy-for-hire wouldContinue reading “Lithium (Finale) – A Sunday Story”