Jetfuel, A Sunday Story – Chapter 12

Chapter 12 A homeless figure, a man shuffled along Simcoe Street in downtown Toronto in the wee hours of December 19, 2019. He did his level best to breathe in the early morning subzero affections, that Winter frequently lavished upon the city. The homeless man, swaddled in garbage bags, one of which he had fashionedContinue reading “Jetfuel, A Sunday Story – Chapter 12”

Jetfuel, A Sunday Story – Chapter 11

Chapter 11 “I don’t care what you have to do, or what governments you have to piss off, Magician…She has to live.” “By any means, Sir?” Asked the voice on the other end a call initiated by the US Embassy Toronto’s “Head of Security” otherwise known as The Hierophant or just “H.” “Yes, by anyContinue reading “Jetfuel, A Sunday Story – Chapter 11”

Jetfuel, Chapter 5 – A Sunday Story

Chapter 5 Several hours earlier that day (Saturday)… Two men speak via encrypted satellite phones: “Make it a clean shot. I don’t want her to suffer. But, aim so if you miss her, he’s finished, make sure his face is unidentifiable…I don’t want loose ends with my face languishing alive or dead at Toronto GeneralContinue reading “Jetfuel, Chapter 5 – A Sunday Story”

Navigator, Chapter 24 (Finale Part 1), A Sunday Story

Chapter 24 – The Finale, Part 1 of 2 Baphomet still in the form of Legion and his body separated into three parts, floated eerily in the sky above Stonehenge. Desperate and using his last power Baphomet or Legion if you will, tried to command his gilded gauntlet hand… But… Before he could speak, ArchangelContinue reading “Navigator, Chapter 24 (Finale Part 1), A Sunday Story”

Navigator, Chapter 17 – A Sunday Story

Chapter 17 “Well, that’s settled then, off you go Navigator (Isabella).” Said the twenty-eight men dressed in freshly pressed embroidered suits around the acacia wood boardroom table in Shangri-la. Metty (Methuselah, Isabella’s guardian angel) tried to speak but his voice was silenced by someone unseen. Then suddenly, before Isabella could ask for details of theContinue reading “Navigator, Chapter 17 – A Sunday Story”

Nitric Nik – A Short Story

Ova Cher rushes into the kitchen. She looks both ways nervously. She sighs in relief. On tiptoes, she opens the back door to let him in. “Do you have it? I got the other equipment. Hurry up!” “Sorry, I am going as fast as I can.” Ruddie, who prefers his more exciting alias Nitric Nik,Continue reading “Nitric Nik – A Short Story”

The Templar Stone – Chapter 3 – A Sunday Story

***A very fictional tale*** Introduction Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 The navy blue Jeep Grand Cherokee catapulted careening violently sideways in the air much like a soccer ball in a free kick. Metal and plastics separated from the beleaguered truck, spewing shrapnel 360 degrees across the hospital parking lot. Isabella ducked with a swiftContinue reading “The Templar Stone – Chapter 3 – A Sunday Story”

The Templar Stone – Chapter 2 – A Sunday Story

***A very fictional tale*** Introduction Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Later that afternoon, back parking lot – Hospital da Ordem’s, Trindade, Portugal… Closing the hospital building’s back exit door with a loud click and fighting back the grief rising in her soul, Isabella thought of her late grandmother Clemora. Her sorrow made her slow mournful ploddingContinue reading “The Templar Stone – Chapter 2 – A Sunday Story”

The Templar Stone – Chapter 1 – A Sunday Story

***A very fictional tale*** Introduction Chapter 1 “Stand back, please, give her some air!” Commanded Officer Petralze (also known as Screen to his coworkers at Portugal’s National Police – GNR). His right arm outstretched in a crowd control stance, and while not taking his eyes of concern from Isabella’s unconscious body in a heap onContinue reading “The Templar Stone – Chapter 1 – A Sunday Story”

The Templar Stone – Introduction – A Sunday Story

***A very fictional tale*** Introduction During the night of October 15, 1307, twelve nuns of a secret order in Marseille, France escaped the persecution and fate that was about to befall their already arrested brothers in arms, The Knights Templar. Under cover of darkness, these twelve young women removed their habits and their Templar robesContinue reading “The Templar Stone – Introduction – A Sunday Story”