Our own personal Eden – A Poem

All living are the real tillers in life’s internal garden; Gatekeepers and watchers of our own personal Eden. Rivers of survival flow out of experience’s tangled reeds, Flooding icy lakes of discomfort with wellsprings of ease. Floating oceans of hardship, loaded flagships in disguise Ferry the riches of adversity; earth’s unexpected prize. Hollow victories tauntContinue reading “Our own personal Eden – A Poem”

Magpie and the Squirrel – A Poem

Swooping down in excitement from a tree, A magpie spies the nuts and seeds with me. A squirrel nearby watches the commotion, Its swishing tail plotting paths of anticipation. The bounty descends effortless to the ground, Like wheat chaff in the muted siren of sound. As the magpie dances, delighted at the sight, The squirrelContinue reading “Magpie and the Squirrel – A Poem”

Knowledge of Self – A Poem

What if seasonal beginnings where winged metaphors, Like the pink lady is to a kaleidoscope of butterflies, Hovering in the pupae metamorphosis of chrysalis, Where knowledge of self, like emerging Monarchs Take crowned flight from one season to another. Or, like the Andromeda plant, its coat of many colors From stem to branch paint gardensContinue reading “Knowledge of Self – A Poem”

Stones to the Sea – A Poem

Encroaching waves decked in shovel shoes, Build history kingdoms in wet sand dunes. Waves as scoops sculpting stone cornices, Renovate shoreline pillars raising Atlantis. Collecting wood to frame concrete pylons, Squalls, shape sand into walls of Babylon, Brick laying civilization until Agamemnon. Atop these kingdoms, the quest flag of peace Ripples through history like stonesContinue reading “Stones to the Sea – A Poem”

23.5 Degrees – A Poem

What is fall’s allure, Or Spring’s vapor, That bliss enamors. Nostalgia’s tonal rift Of seasonal drift. Or, can it be The familiar movement, Of the body’s inner core The earth does on mass, Tilting us all 23.5 degrees From our core; its core. A shepherded change, A fearless exchange, A terrestrial portal The earthly pinContinue reading “23.5 Degrees – A Poem”

Anonymity – A Poem

Innocence of guilt in the purgatory of penitence, Subjects of selfless contrition; the writer’s abundance Robed in anonymity, that readers themselves may see, In a world where creativity courts celebrity proximity; Words, rhymes, hidden alcoves romancing anonymity Spritz syllable perfume from veils of transparency – Counting pen names, avatars and pseudonyms – Delicious cloaks ofContinue reading “Anonymity – A Poem”

Forged Relationships – A Poem

Forged relationships; framed steel cornices Rebar cement in a foundation of alliances. Neighbors, family, friend or acquaintances That together, help hammer provision’s anvil – Two iron beams better than one as its candle If one falls the other carries aloft safety’s angle. If possible, a threefold alliance a better tether, Its climbing molten vines aContinue reading “Forged Relationships – A Poem”

Kitty Cat – A Poem

Feline patrols the alley way, At first, some thought a stray, A fluorescent collar in crimson glory. Street-wise to neighborhood jungle traffic, Crossing at night in stealth at the crosswalk, As cars stop for her fashion runway catwalk. Her midnight charcoal coat flatters, Her luminescent pink collar choker. Her bright accessory a token of loveContinue reading “Kitty Cat – A Poem”

Preserves – A Poem

Spirited pectin Gels the action: Pickle preserves, Oeur d’oeuvres, Chows and Confit Spreads and jelly. Pitted fruit meet The stone remover. Pickling spice, Sultry allspice. Drooling lids, Funnel bibs, Pattern paper, Park apples In ornate jars Like antique cars Wave checkered flags. Guarded temperatures Enshrine winter cellars In sweet homemade jars. ___________ – Inspired byContinue reading “Preserves – A Poem”