Auto Correct – A Poem

My dear darling auto correct; Thy selfless typing materialize Words of puzzlement and tease. I type hello you answer “yellow.” I type jello, you answer, “hello.” I type rainbow you answer “boo.” Is my typing too spooky for you, Or, am I your one and only boo. Proving my devotion I type love, You immediatelyContinue reading “Auto Correct – A Poem”

Choppers – A Poem

A mixed bike of metaphors: famous choppers, Motorcycles and two wheelers; their Odin tires Limbering to a halt at quivering street corners; Revving decibels rival Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer – Their horsepower trembling walled skyscrapers. Weaving o’er the world from Togo to Chandigarh, Taxiing, spiriting sprinting, bobbing passengers And drivers, via signature arc handle-bar wands –Continue reading “Choppers – A Poem”

Morning Glory – A Poem

Ascending in plumes of amber frankincense tears, August exhales penultima syllables in scented flares. Kaleidoscope blooms open pollen garden apothecaries, Prompting nectar flights from hive, larders, and fancy: Where mint julep asters smile shasta daisies, Fragrant phlox festoon the lilies of the valley, And, blue star cultivars jig to morning glory; Mixing floral Summer keepsakesContinue reading “Morning Glory – A Poem”

Rock Star – A Poem

You are a rock star Your kindness beams from afar, No need for a branded misnomer, A million followers or 2020 jaguar. You shine in your soft heart; Your life lovingly set apart. You are a rock star, An earth formed aquifer, Seated under bright stars. The same element in diamonds; Synthesized carbons, Runs throughContinue reading “Rock Star – A Poem”

Helix – A Poem

Throughout the inseparable eons of generations Where kinfolk forebearers coined counting songs; Their kilometre – the time it takes to sing a song. When circumference, measures of hand breadths Built arks and walls, plumbing accuracy’s depths. Where a handful of sand released upon the wind; Reveals direction; the land guiding us by its hand. WereContinue reading “Helix – A Poem”

Streetcar Trolley – A Poem

Streetcars sing in heavy metaled lyrics, “next stop” Trolley, trams belch, tooting their metal giddy-up, Rolling Boston to San Francisco; Philly to Toronto Nowadays, some tracks still on strident hooves go; Six hundred volt horses on top, the carriage below. Inside; standing riders clasp iron floor branches or, Poised like Purple Gallinules birds walking on water, SwayContinue reading “Streetcar Trolley – A Poem”

Love’s Butter – A Poem

Ah! Breakfast – homemade bread, butter melting, Steamy oven door – a fly peeks in napkin wearing Attracted by the pheromones of this warm suitor, Giddy and dizzy from flour’s undulating aroma, Steadying itself as it swoons on a pad of butter. Mounted expedition to save it from the butter, Allowed the fly to flutterContinue reading “Love’s Butter – A Poem”

The Ladder – A Poem

Uplifting branches, splintering, never straight; life’s ladder Spindled from trees near the descendants of Jacob’s ladder. Simple to assemble, complex in usage; tiered Occam’s razor. Wooden railing, nursery bumpers in the cradle of humanity, Ever faithful to silent majesty keeping secrets for posterity. Generations thrive in salvation’s houses on its ringed tiers, Laying wooden mattressContinue reading “The Ladder – A Poem”

Hand Sanitizer – A Poem

Wouldn’t it be lovely when, upon arriving At the entrance to a local department store, To there be greeted by puzzled customers, Unable to enter during its prescribed hours. As each person crossed the store’s threshold They were “greeted” by, a fellow customer, who It appears, just hired himself as store greeter To ration theContinue reading “Hand Sanitizer – A Poem”