Cream puffs – A Poem

Ruminating dulcet dreams of cream puffs, choux Pillow dainties of pastry prophets top the menu. Swirling concoctions ebbing at their soft center, Like summer waves caress sand on the seashore. Into their hallowed labyrinth center patissiers Pipe, angelic fillings dreamy unbridled mysteries Topping their just desserts in liberty’s ganache, Dissolving sticky situations with edible panache.Continue reading “Cream puffs – A Poem”

Font awaken – A Poem

Cornucopia tomes and poems in helvetica saffron, Shed petals as imagination’s paged fonts awaken. Arial kernels like nutcrackers in conifer groves Scale idea mangroves binding stories into folios. Once tossed drafts; flotsam and jetsam genuflect To unrelenting waves in Calliope’s handheld tablet; Its keys, winged foliage exposing trunks of truth – Allowing amber sap ofContinue reading “Font awaken – A Poem”

Somewhere in September- A Poem

Somewhere in the heart of September; it is Spring. Fall leaves planted dignitaries, invisible emissaries Of Spring’s march across earth’s axised hemisphere, Where patchwork color roses bloom gardens there. While we unfold gifted quilts of heirloom treasure, Spring slips forget-me-nots to remind September – Even before winter arrives in a distant hemisphere – That, somewhereContinue reading “Somewhere in September- A Poem”

The Long Blue Blanket – A poem

An unusual scene at a city stoplight, A hooded stranger in the noon light, Body shrouded in a long blue blanket. The figure utters whispers on her plight, Cuddling unbridled tears in the blanket. Onlookers avoid her gaze and she theirs. Passersby kept their distance; she hers. Sadness cloaked sound from the ether, But, herContinue reading “The Long Blue Blanket – A poem”

Cheesy – A Poem

Give me not, wee squares of Gruyere delicacies Punctuating party charcuterie boards, plucked Upon with tooth picks bow-tied with lace doilies. But, hefty handfuls of creamy cured cheesy curds, High on the list of things, of which one never tires. Mac and cheese, those twins of the culinary empire Their Romulus-like elbows hold truckles of cheese:Continue reading “Cheesy – A Poem”

Camouflage – A Poem

Blue Jays and thrashers, first to dawn’s feast, As early morning skies pretend to be night. While a large fluffy brown hare motionless By a brick wall, attempts *Batesian mimicry, With the wall’s mirage of painted green grass. Then, to invisibility’s lantern the hare scurries To hide in plain sight, in the vestiges of night;Continue reading “Camouflage – A Poem”

Abundance of rain – A Poem

Drip, from above, O heavens, thy distilled refrain – The sound of the abundance of rain: An inner satiety that fills without food, Birthed from a ray of hope; a single word, A tattoo reminder on adversity’s parchment, A single word traversing ordeal’s escarpment, That, be the sound of the abundance of rain: Where seasonsContinue reading “Abundance of rain – A Poem”