Cheers to Spring – A Poem

Ah! Nothing spells Spring smells like Pineapple passionfruit guava matcha Mango coulis blueberry frost fantasia Grande cups of chai tea cream mocha. At home or shops pouring eau d’elixir. So, to Spring’s aroma, nature’s barista, “Cheers, Saluti, sláinte (Slawn-cha)“

Zeus – A Poem ~ Sadje’s What Do You See

Where do ancient words of the gods go – as the eons fly; remember: (For example: that high Olympus ruler perched in sky and thunder, Reduced to coat-of-arms Latin, and, to ornate crafted fist scepters.) Remember: Their raiment, a many colored coat interpreting dreams for Joseph, Their value: twigs sprouting perennial sapience on the treeContinue reading “Zeus – A Poem ~ Sadje’s What Do You See”