Power of Three – A Poem

On four legs, a table can rattle, shim and shake, On three legs, teapoy-stable, rarely ever quakes. Situate a four legged table on uneven territory That table finds balance on its best legs three. Eyes — two rose colored pupils budding spectacles Add an ‘eye’ of vision; a thrice unveiled tabernacle Life, the exponent, inContinue reading “Power of Three – A Poem”

Frozen – A Poem

Its heart accustomed to the drum beat of absolute zero, Artic adrenaline antifreeze coursing through its marrow The frozen aura over the northern shield, shutters Winter. Ice packed for travel wander downstream on floe rudders Melancholy icebergs swim searching water’s deeper anchors. Sunshine lingers longer, its warm splendor, days gaze amazed Inlets boom and crackleContinue reading “Frozen – A Poem”

Eh! – A Poem

Poutine fries, loaded ships sailing barges on the great lakes Pop not soda fizzes hum like poured coffee from pal tims Holding fast to the vowel hinterland, schmoozing the “u;” Colour not color, loosen up those vocals, ‘caught’ not ‘cot.’ Not to mention that silent vowel – ‘eh’ where ‘hey’ shushes ‘h’ Where saying sorryContinue reading “Eh! – A Poem”

The Champion – A Poem ~ Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Feb 18, 2021

No, not in crowns of gold, silver, diamonds or indigo, But, color The champion an oath painted in a rainbow. Flowing mane; a helmet of eons in purple mauve-lous Paint his eyes, love; irresistible Irises to the righteous. Then, hue his infinitive silence in the “I am” of speech. Turn into red chartreuse, living waterContinue reading “The Champion – A Poem ~ Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Feb 18, 2021”