The Line – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors

passing through fire twin doors fanning out flames holding the line **** Note: I removed a photo I had in the original post showing these doors during a fire that occurred at the church The second largest church in Paris, France, and built atop two earlier iterations spanning back to the 7th Century AD standsContinue reading “The Line – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors”

Love – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors

love immortalized out of the rubble bards crypts resurrect legends **** Famous for its grand bronze-looking doors (more accurately, brass doors); and immortalized for its role as the real-life setting/inspiration for The Bard (William Shakespeare)’s marriage scene between Romeo and Juliet in its crypt is—San Zeno Maggiore Basílica, Verona, Italy. A church in one formContinue reading “Love – Haiku 2022 #ThursdayDoors”