A Naani Poem #ffpoemapop

Yesteryear’s seedlingsBudding blossomsOvertaking fragrant memoriesThis year’s rose garden **** Written in response to Rebecca Cuningham @ fakeflamenco June 2022 poetry challenge This month Rebecca has challenged us to write a naani poem. It is an untitled poem of four lines without rhyme, and of twenty to twenty-five syllables. This month’s topic: something that has changedContinue reading “A Naani Poem #ffpoemapop”

Wonder – Haiku 2022 #Thursday Doors

open to wonder literature peeks through a rabbit keyhole **** This small green door is the entrance from the Cathedral garden Christ Church College, University of Oxford, England. The door leads into a private garden alcove, The Dean’s Garden (The Deanery). Trivia: It is believed that this door was the inspiration for the forbidden doorContinue reading “Wonder – Haiku 2022 #Thursday Doors”

Committee’s Punch Bowl – Haiku 2022

two oceans one Continental Divide pours Committee’s Punch Bowl **** The Committee’s Punch Bowl is a geological marvel in Western Canada. It is a small basin of water that straddles two provinces and empties eventually into not one, but two oceans (The Arctic Ocean from its north side and The Pacific Ocean from its south).Continue reading “Committee’s Punch Bowl – Haiku 2022”