Ice Giant – Haiku 2022

heavens spectacle stars aligning in your favor ‘ice giant’ out of sight *** Remarks: This month, a planetary alignment of the big five: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn span across the Dawn sky in a perfect arc. The Moon will participate in this orbital shuffle on June 23, 2022. The “ice giants” or “coldContinue reading “Ice Giant – Haiku 2022”

Naval – Haiku 2022 #Thursday Doors

guardians in bronze inner naval sanctum to the ship of Peace **** The six-meter plus high bronze outer doors at 121 Blake Road, Annapolis Maryland is the entrance to the U.S. Naval College Chapel. The bronze doors, a gift from US Naval Academy’s class of 1868 alumni were installed in 1909, a shield to theContinue reading “Naval – Haiku 2022 #Thursday Doors”