Garlicaromatherapy – A Poem

Wouldn’t it be lovely if one neighbor Squashed, a plethora, or what appears Nose-wise, as six tons of garlic cloves, From an open apartment hall alcove, Broadcasting molecular gastronomy; Relinquishing its vivid aromatherapy, To nasal stations in an entire zipcode, Like scented telegraphs of Morse code. While spicy Allium and her twin Aroma Frolic, spreadingContinue reading “Garlicaromatherapy – A Poem”

Pineapple Rain – A Poem

Shade trees hover sheltering nature’s baked goods, Baby blue skies console with cotton candy clouds. While thunder teases, waiting for the y-east to rise, Occasionally checking his script for a cool reprise. Enter stage left rain bustles, her lines unrehearsed. Unprepared, the Sun blinks into the kabatic breeze – Quickly cupping her fingers through wetlandContinue reading “Pineapple Rain – A Poem”

Call and Response – A Poem

Sunset calls, the horizon responds with an amber umbrella, Twilight calls, night improvises psalms in dark hues Selah! Sunrise calls, Dawn choreographs virtual duwap a-Capella, Birds call, reproducing their feather lines again and again. Rhythm and blues, choir pews, seasons’ refrained creation, Chorused melody in the Sahara songs of marsh hinterland, Resounding in Scripture, AkashicContinue reading “Call and Response – A Poem”

Wind Instruments – A Poem*

Summer’s glow bakes ink off t-shirts Its waves swaying drapery tassels, as Potted plants wilt into plucked roses. Some deploy target fans of paper lace While others mop handkerchief faces. Instead of dozing in summer’s billows, Let us open wide rose paned windows, Invite in trade winds to play cornetts, Rehearsing on wood wind instruments,Continue reading “Wind Instruments – A Poem*”

Sandy Hourglass – A Poem

Moment’s aperture The glass of metered intention Sandy hourglass of the fourth dimension Time is it’s own starter, bejeweled sweeper Stopwatch hands and checkered flag waver. Galaxy historian to cosmic stars The immortal gatekeeper, The wisdom and witness of Eden. Tides and the seasons plan in its garden Galaxies are oblivious to it; it doesContinue reading “Sandy Hourglass – A Poem”

La Noche – A Poem

Iridescent twilight strides like a wooing peacock’s train, Confidently hovering over la noche’s blue celestial terrain. Twilight coaxes Sunset to extend her golden slipper tour, For the sake of adoring hearts uplifted by her gilded star. Car horns fitted in halogen coats and rubber pumps, crow. Denizens from the city night buses glow under streetlight,Continue reading “La Noche – A Poem”

The Scroll – A Poem (A Tale)

Uncovered in a Tasmanian rock quarry, A fossilized scroll of the sage Tutenant, Of the ancient ant kingdom of Hillovant. The following, its transcribed fragment: – “Remember your wisdom O venerable ant member, You command great armies without a commander. Following the community ant steps of one another, You render impossible treks possible without GPS,Continue reading “The Scroll – A Poem (A Tale)”

Lake Mead – A Poem

To all the engineered water ponds – Lake Mead-like flows, Those water-filled wonders near lakes, ponds and groves. Directed rivers, collected rain water, monsoon Yoda weva, Surprising Gaia with new infant bodies of water to admire, As she stitches blankets to dress their waves in embroider. Cisterns sourced from wells channeled to hillside podiums, IrrigatedContinue reading “Lake Mead – A Poem”

Hula Hoops – A Poem

Summer icons of yesteryear: Like satisfaction hula hoops, Of backyard wading troupes. Hop scotch contests with pals, Winner takes the chalk pails. Castles in make believe sand, Crowned with scoops at hand. Iced tea drink from crystals, Jawbreakers and peanut brittle. Double feature Tuesday nights, Airport gazing incoming flights. Summer’s laisser faire invoice, Perennial freedomsContinue reading “Hula Hoops – A Poem”