Life’s morning cup – A Poem

As sunlight inspects its hue, The summer morning dew, Quickly bids the Sun adieu. Was it Dawn’s archer’s bow, Or perhaps in times long ago, Grass, trees, shrub and flower, Volunteered for daily adventure, To the secret gardens Babylon. Where, each morning the Sun Melts heaven’s permafrost ice, Into a sacred hanging chalice, Then carefullyContinue reading “Life’s morning cup – A Poem”

From the ground up – A Poem

The tiny world of ants from the ground up Where, every rock; Kilimanjaro’s table top. Every drop of water; life-giving Brahmaputra, Every speck of dust; the ruddy cliffs of Petra, Every swaying leaf, umbrellas of the sky, Every sound of vegetation, nature’s hi-fi, Every root, columns in Solomon’s temple, Every sound, chimes from Mingun’s bell,Continue reading “From the ground up – A Poem”

Heat – A Poem

Clip clapping in flip flops on coals for pavement, Where heat waves hatch briquettes for cement. Fainting ice cream bars unsuccessfully seek shade, Behind once chilled tongue twisting lemonade. Barbecued scotch bonnets in pickle produce, Sticks of dynamite masquerading as hot sauce. Rear-view memories, luxurious sauna to the bone, Tropical heat and heart warming coalsContinue reading “Heat – A Poem”

Engine of ourselves – A Poem

Created in earthly labor, Raised in stages of rest. We blink and the eyes rest. We breathe and the lungs rest. We speak as the ears listen. Spring abounds as winter expires. Summer simmers as Spring rests. Fall exhales, other seasons inhale. Nature’s coming in and going out, A looking glass into the engine ofContinue reading “Engine of ourselves – A Poem”

A stroll in the woods – A poem

A stroll in the woods, stumbles into a clearing of trees, Warmth, serenades yellow blooms in the breeze. Hummingbirds helicopter to the golden bistros, Ordering candied nectar as fast as they please. Bees competing for the same sumptuous cup, Wax eloquent chorus floating to a buttercup. Thorns of the day trumpeting the heart, Vanish unexpectedlyContinue reading “A stroll in the woods – A poem”

Noontime rain – A Poem

A not uncommon noontime occurrence, Visceral storms pirouette in the distance, The once vibrant sun cloaks in darkness. Sweeping in from nowhere in the visible spectrum, Strong winds dispatch the ominous vortex to Elysium. Once threatening torrent, now wind-kissed noontime rain. Locals accustomed to this magical phenomenon, Siesta to a water pitter-patter lullaby refrain.